Home Learning 12.5.20

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a fab day yesterday and thank you to those all keeping in touch! Even though I am at school this week I am still hoping to keep up the walking/running – it’ll just have to be before or after school!

Today’s learning:


Ch1: 76

Ch2: 673

Ch3: 5728

  1. Write in words
  2. Write in Roman Numerals
  3. Find 1/2 or 1/5 or 3/7
  4. Divide by 6 (write as remainder or decimal)
  5. x4 or x 16
  6. +23.05
  7. -0.64
  8. square the number or cube the number
  9. Find 10% or find 65%
  10. There were _____________ bananas in each box. How many bananas in 6 boxes



Today you are going to plan out both your letters – remember you are writing one to an Egyptian Child and they (you) are going to be writing another letter to respond to it. You should have made a list of the features you need to include in your letter and you can start writing any address (made up) that you need – remember to check whether you are writing them in the correct place.

Your letters need to be roughly 3 paragraphs or more so you could plan these out also.

Below is an example of a letter template – you may want to base yours on this (even though it is a formal letter yours can follow the same layout)

Formal letter template – Primary KS1 & KS2 teaching resource ...


Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey