Home Learning 14.5.20

Good morning and happy Thursday!

Hope you are all well and keeping safe! School has been interesting this week so far, it has been nice to come in but strange not to see all your faces! I have been enjoying looking at everything you have been upto and it’s been good to see other activities as well as what is on the blog – remember it is ok to have achieved more on some days and less on others as long as you are still using the 6Rs.

A reminder that new ‘my maths’ will be set tomorrow so please make sure you are up to date!


Ch1: 24

Ch2: 556

Ch3: 8926

  1. Write in words
  2. Write in Roman Numerals
  3. Find 1/2 or 1/5 or 3/7
  4. Divide by 6 (write as remainder or decimal)
  5. x4 or x 16
  6. +23.05
  7. -0.64
  8. square the number or cube the number
  9. Find 10% or find 65%
  10. There were _____________ bananas in each box. How many bananas in 6 boxes

Ext: Play to 37

This is a game for two players.

Each bag above has unlimited 1s, 3s, 5s or 7s in it. 

Aim of the game:

To be the player to add the final number to the ‘running’ total to make 37. 

How to play: 

1. Decide who is going first.
2, Player 1 chooses one of the numbers from the bags above (1, 3, 5 or 7).
3. Player 2 then chooses a number from one of the bags and adds this onto player 1’s number to make a ‘running’ total. 
4. Player 1 then has another turn and adds that number onto the ‘running’ total.
5. Play continues like this with each player choosing a number and adding it onto the ‘running’ total. 

Things to think about: 

How many numbers did you use altogether in the game?

Have another go.  How many numbers did you use this time?

What is the largest amount of numbers you could use to reach 37?

What is the smallest amount of numbers you could use to reach 37?

Can you use all the different amounts of numbers in between the largest and the smallest to reach 37?

What do you notice? Can you explain this?

Fran says “I need to go first in order to win.”

Do you agree with Fran? Why or why not?


Today you are going to be writing a letter, using your letter format drawn up on Tuesday, to an Egyptian child. In this letter you need to ask questions about their life. Try and using as many question words as you can: what, where, when, who, how, which…

In your letter you can describe what your life it like – a good way to do this is to say something about yourself and then follow this up with a question. Don’t just list all your questions.

I would structure my letter by writing an introductory paragraph, then a paragraph about my family/friends, followed by a paragraph about school life and then a paragraph about my hobbies, what I enjoy doing and what I like wearing. I would then finish with a short final paragraph about wanting to hear back soon. Each paragraph needs to have a few questions in them.


Use this opportunity to have a good read of either a new book, current book or a book you’ve read lots that you’ve never got bored of – read to yourself, brother or sister, parent, over video message (ask an adult first).

Have a go at writing a newspaper article about a problem in your story.

Have a great day everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey