Home Learning – 21.5.20

Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday!

Make sure if you’re spending time outside you put on lots of sun-cream. I spent quite a while outside yesterday and this morning am a bit pink!

Yesterday was ‘teacher appreciation day!’ I made sure that I let all the teacher friends I know what a great job they are all doing! All your adults are being ‘teachers’ currently so remember to let them know what a great job they are doing as well.

It has been lovely seeing all the creative work you have been up to. I was really impressed at how lots of you presented your ‘Nile’ work.

New ‘My Maths’ will be set tomorrow so make sure you are all up to date. There’s still a few of you not completing it – if you have any issues please let us know.

Please make sure you have emailed any pictures over from this weeks learning by the end of today so that I can post them tomorrow! I know they are great at giving ideas to others!


Ch1: 86

Ch2: 869

Ch3: 5489

  1. Write in words
  2. Write in Roman Numerals
  3. Find 1/2 or 1/6 or 4/7
  4. x3 or x23
  5. divide by 2 or divide by 17
  6. add 3.91
  7. subtract 14.02
  8. square or cube the number
  9. The film lasted __________ minutes. How many hours and minutes is this?
  10. On Thursday the Meat King Market sold ___________ pounds of ground beef. On Friday they sold twice that amount. On Saturday they only sold 45 pounds. How much more meat did they sell on Friday than Saturday?

Ext: How Safe Are You?

We’re going to look at opening safes!
Many have dials on them, and you turn the dials – as you see in these two pictures – to open them.


So I’ll show you a simple dial first with just the numbers 0−5 on it.


To open the safe, the dial has to have 2 next to the arrow, like this;


The question for you is, how much turning of the dial did we have to do to get the 2 at the top?
The next safe we get to has a different dial, it has the numbers 0−7.
How much turning to get the number 5 at the top? [Shown in the second picture.]


The number that you have to get at the top is often called the “combination” of the safe. These three different safes all start with 0 [zero] at the top. You have to find the amount of turning to get to the combination, shown in each second picture:




Now have a go at these different safes. Remember they would all start with 0 [zero] at the top, so, how much turning to get the required combinations shown below?



Today you are going to write a script for the short video that I posted on Tuesday. Here is the video for you to watch again:

You can make the dogs have voices as well. Use the features that you wrote down on Monday to help you write your script. Have a look again at the features to make sure you haven’t missed anything:

Here is an example of what a play-script may look like:

Fairy Tales as Play scripts | Teaching Resources


Use this opportunity to have a good read of either a new book, current book or a book you’ve read lots that you’ve never got bored of – read to yourself, brother or sister, parent, over video message (ask an adult first).

Have a go at this comprehension text:

Have a great day everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey