Home Learning 22.5.20

Good morning and happy Friday!

Today will be the last blog post before half term – use this time to get out as much as you can, look after your family members, try something new, write stories, bake etc…

New ‘my maths’ will be uploaded for you to do.

Thank you to everyone that has been in touch, sent work in and just been absolute stars this half term! You all make me so proud! Whatever happens we will come back stronger and ready to learn!


Today you are going to use the data you have collected and presented in a bar chart to answer some questions.

You need to write these questions first. Obviously all your data is going to be about different things but here are the types of questions you may want to ask:

  • Which type is the most popular?
  • Which type is the least popular?
  • What is the difference between ____________ and ___________?
  • How many results are there altogether?
  • What is the sum of ____________ and __________

You can use these and think of some your own questions as well. When you have written the questions, write the answers.

Ext: Plants

Uncle Raj has three children. Next year, when they’ve had their birthdays, Naomi will be 5, Alex will be 6 and Chris will be 7. The family has decided on something rather unusual for part of their presents.

All three children have their birthday in the late spring and since they are keen on gardening they are going to buy some plants for the garden, one for each year they have been alive.

Here is the plan of their house and garden:

Plan of house and garden

You notice that there are three circular paths that cross over each other. Each child is to have a circle but there will be some bits that are shared, around the middle.

When the time comes, the four of them go off to the garden centre to choose the plants. They do not have a lot of money so they’re looking for special offers. They find a very special offer which gives a good discount if you buy ten plants altogether. The three children say that that is no good because they need more than ten. But Uncle Raj realises they can manage with only ten.

They go to the cafe and have some cool drinks, and Uncle Raj draws a plan of the three paths and puts little marks to show the plants.

Here is his idea:

the garden

The children are fascinated to see that Naomi has 1 and shares 4, Alex has 2 and shares 4 and Chris has 3 and shares 4. They think that’s rather cool and it saves them a lot of money. So they finish their drinks and off they go to buy their ten plants.

Well now it’s your turn to have a go and find some different solutions.
REMEMBER:- You must use exactly ten plants (no more, no less)
REMEMBER:- The circles must contain 5, 6 and 7 plants (no more, no less).

As you try, you may find that you are developing a system for getting the next one.  You might like to try to find them all, and write about all the things you notice about each solution.

Some people find it’s easiest to do it quite large and have ten objects to move around in different places.

As with most of these challenges you can and should ask “I wonder what would happen if …?” Well you might try a different number of objects (plants). You could try different numbers for each circle, as if the children were different ages


Hopefully you all wrote your scripts yesterday to go with the short film.

Today you are going to act it out. You can do this with family members, teddies, lego men, pets etc. You will just need to speak for those characters that can’t. You can direct as well as act in it and make sure everyone/thing is in the correct position.

It would be great to see these if you can film them! I know some of you have stop motion on your tablets so you could do it on that if you have it.


We are going to be continuing with our 1 minute challenges – hopefully you still have the results from previous weeks with how many different P.E skills you can do in a minute – can you beat this score? Here is a reminder of them:

Star jumps, press ups, sit ups, donkey kicks, high knees, burpees

It would be great to see some pictures/videos of this in action!

Have a great half-term everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey