Home Learning – 4.5.20

Good morning everyone and happy Monday!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and have been able to spend some time outside. I was able to talk my parents and sisters over video message this weekend and we even did a quiz! It was lovely to be able to talk to them and to see what they had all been upto – have you spoken on the phone or on video to any of your friends or family?

Let’s get this week off to a flying start!


Today we are looking at ordering negative and positive numbers. A negative number looks like this:


If you find reading negative numbers tricky try drawing yourself a number-line where you put ‘0’ in the middle and then write numbers either side. This will give you something to look at when you are ordering numbers.

Have a go with these:

Ext: Tug Harder

This game is for two players.
You will need to draw a number line from -13 to 13 on a piece of paper, and find a counter and two 1-6 dice to use.

Decide who is Positive and who is Negative.
Positive moves the counter from left to right and Negative moves the counter from right to left. (Why do you think we have suggested this way round?)
Place the counter on 0 (the picture above shows a red counter).
Take it in turns to throw the two dice and add the scores then move the counter that number of places in your direction.
If the counter reaches -13, Negative has won. If the counter reaches 13, Positive has won.

Is it better to play a game where you have to reach the end exactly, or where you can go over the end? What do you think and why?

Now change the game. This time, when you throw the dice, you can decide whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers on the dice. You must reach -13 or 13 exactly to win.

Does this make a better game? What do you think? Why or why not?

How else could you change the game?


What are the key features of a fact-file?

What does a fact-file need to have to make it amazing! Do all fact-files look the same? What makes them different?

Present your ideas however you want and then check out the document to see if you were able to remember everything!


One of the ways the ancient Egyptians used to communicate was through hieroglyphics.

Use this website to find out more of these ‘letters’


Use the picture below to write your name and then make up some codes for someone in your family to crack! I would love it if you sent me some sentences to crack myself!

Ancient Egyptian Alphabet - History for Kids

Have a lovely day everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey