Home Learning – 5.5.20

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!

Thank you for all your emails – it has been great to hear about what you have all been upto!


Ch1: 62

Ch2: 482

Ch3: 2896

  1. write in words
  2. write in Roman Numerals
  3. +15.63
  4. -22.9
  5. x4
  6. find 1/2 or 1/6 or 4/9
  7. find 10% or 56%
  8. square the number
  9. divide by 3
  10. There were _____________ bluebells in the field on Wednesday, by Friday they had tripled. How many bluebells were there now?


Count me in

Which of these numbers would you come to when counting in sixes from zero?
How do you know?

Would you get to some of these numbers if you were counting in sevens from zero? Which ones?
Can you explain how you arrived at your answers?

Could some of these numbers be reached if you were counting in nines from zero? Which ones?
Again, how do you know?

Would your answers be the same if you counted in the same step sizes but down from 350 in each case?
How do you know?

Looking at the image above and this time counting in 25s from zero, which numbers will you land on?  
If you were counting in 25s from 10, which numbers would you land on this time?  How can you work this out without actually counting?


Research Day!

Today you need to find out lots of information about Ancient Egypt ready to include in your fact-file.

You need to use your note-taking skills to write down as much information as you are going to need (this does not mean writing down everything!) Your fact-file is going to be about different parts of Ancient Egypt life and what happened at that time.

To begin your research use ‘safe search’ like you would at school. You may want to begin your research with ‘Ancient Egypt for kids’ this will give you information that you will understand and find easier to break down.

You can present your research in whatever format you want – this could be a mind-map, list, colour-coded notes, different sections for different websites etc.

It would be great to see how you have got on with your note-taking!


I recently made up my own dance routine to a Little Mix track and had so much fun doing it!

This is your chance to find a song that you like – can be old or new and make up a dance routine to that song. It doesn’t need to be the whole song and you can do the same routine for the chorus.

Why not get a pet involved or a sibling – I used to always make up dance routines with my younger sister! Maybe you could be the next backing dancer to your favourite music artist!

If you’re brave enough I would love to see these routines!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey