Home Learning 7.5.20

Good morning everyone! I went for another walk/run yesterday morning and managed to beat my time from the last time I did it! I was super proud of myself and meant I then had the energy to do some more work for school! It’s amazing what just getting outside for a little bit each day can do for your mood!

New My Maths will be set tomorrow so make sure you are up to date. Remember we can see who has been completing the activities. If for any reason you have trouble accessing and you have not already let us know than please do and we will try and help you out!

Also, I will be posting the learning you have sent me over the week tomorrow so make sure you send in anything you have been upto. It does not just need to be blog work!

This is also the last blog before the weekend as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday to celebrate VE day. I will be posting up the list of activities previously blogged by Mr Walsh. I will be wearing something red, white or blue to celebrate and I may even do some baking! – I would love to see what you’re upto to commemorate.

Today’s learning:


Ch1: 52

Ch2: 596

Ch3: 3728

  1. write in words
  2. write in Roman Numerals
  3. +15.63
  4. -22.9
  5. x4
  6. find 1/2 or 1/6 or 4/9
  7. find 10% or 56%
  8. square the number
  9. divide by 3
  10. There were _____________ bluebells in the field on Wednesday, by Friday they had tripled. How many bluebells were there now?

Ext: Space Distances

In the picture below you can see the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth (label is slightly hidden) and Mars, along with the orbit of an asteroid called Florence (named after Florence Nightingale).
The picture shows their positions in August 2017. Florence was at its nearest position to Earth at the start of September 2017.

Florence’s distance from the Sun varies from 150 000 000km at its nearest (during summer 2017) to 375 000 000km when furthest away.
 Starting when Florence is nearest to the sun, what distance will it be from the Sun after travelling…

1/ 100 km further from the Sun?
2/ 1 000 km further from the Sun?
3/ 10 000 km further from the Sun?
4/ 100 000 km further from the Sun?
5/ 1 000 000 km further from the Sun?

Starting with Florence furthest from the sun, what distance will it be from the Sun after travelling…  

6/ 100 km nearer the Sun?
7/ 1 000 km nearer the Sun?
8/ 10 000 km nearer the Sun?
9/ 100 000 km nearer the Sun?
10/ 1 000 000 km nearer the Sun?


Today you are going to plan out your layout for your fact-file and then write it today or tomorrow. You can present your facts in anyway you want. Some ideas may be: a leaflet/booklet, a poster, a double-page spread, a powerpoint. Today you need to decide what your sub-headings are going to be and your main-title. You may want to do this is in draft first to get your ideas down ready to do the actual copy on Friday (or later today as tomorrow is a bank holiday) – it does not just need to be one page of facts the ‘all about rivers’ example below will show you why.

Here are some examples of fact-files to give you some ideas:


Use this opportunity to have a good read of either a new book, current book or a book you’ve read lots that you’ve never got bored of – read to yourself, brother or sister, parent, over video message (ask an adult first)

Draw and describe the setting of your book – if it has more than one setting than choose one that you can feel you can describe in the most detail.

Have a great Thursday everyone and I look forward to blogging again on Monday – enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Mrs Powell & Mrs Harvey