Friday 12th June Y5/6 (wk9)

Good morning Years 5 and 6, we hope you are keeping well and like us, feel a little sad that today we will finish this iconic cycle race. (The real race continues over 3 weeks, ours has lasted for 2. Paris and the Champs- Elysee will have to wait for another time!)

We have thoroughly enjoyed planning your daily activities on the blog and seeing all of your fantastic learning, thank you for sharing it with us.

From Monday 15th June, Mr. Taylor and myself will be back in school teaching Year 6 and Miss Reece will take over setting Year 5 learning. If you email her on the usual Year 5 address, she will receive your messages. I am sure that she will be as delighted to share your daily tasks as we have been.

If you wish to have feedback on this learning , please email it to us by 3.30pm today to give us time to respond.

Take care, stay safe, carry on cycling all of you and see you next week Year 6!

Mrs. Lawrence and Mr. Taylor

The total distance covered so far in Monday’s 120 miles challenge is:

119.72 miles (we are so close)


Thanks to these children so far for their contributions: Harry S, Seth, Finlay C, Dylan C, Jack B, Owen, Cameron, Grace, Isobel, Tatiana, Zac, Joe S, James H, Logan, Grace B, Alanna, Pippa, Mrs Emson, Mr Taylor and William.

Individually, Cameron H has completed the most with 31 miles.


The 10th stage presents a first on the Tour de France. Two islands linked with a start and finish, it has never been seen before on La Grande Boucle. At 170 kilometres, the race crosses the marshlands near the Atlantic coast, swept by wind and surrounded by impressive fortifications. The riders head from Île d’Oléron to Île de Ré.

L’île d’Oléron is the largest island on the French Atlantic coast.  The “luminous” island is famous for its wonderful fine sandy beaches but also for nature at its most enchanting.  Choose from excursions on foot, by bike, by boat, sporting activities, exploration and of course doing nothing very much!

Daily Maths Task: Today you need to use the map of Isle d’Oleron and in particular, the table of distances, which is pictured below (the pdf is easier to see).

Your task is to use the table to work out the distances between different places. (This table is another way of representing information). In order to use it, you need to find one of the places you are looking for on the vertical (up) axis, the other place you are looking for on the horizontal (along) axis and where they meet (moving your fingers up and across) is the answer!

To start you off, can you find the distances (and how long it would take you to cycle) between:

1./  La Bree les Bains and Dolus d’Oleron?

2./  Cheray and Boyardville?

3./  Le Grand Village-Plage and Chaucre?

4./  Domino and La Cotiniere?

5./  St. Georges d’Oleron and Dolus  d’Oleron?

6./  Phare de Chassiron and Domino?

Check your answers here:

Challenge: Can you now work out some more distances of your own or even the distances (and times taken to ride) between 2 or 3 different destinations?

Daily English task Your task today is to complete writing your cycling story and self-edit it.  You need to think about how the problem can be solved and how to write a strong ending:

Next, let’s think about how to effectively self – edit…

  • Check full stops have been used for proper nouns, the beginning of sentences, the first word of speech
  • Read your writing back and check that all sentences make sense
  • Check all other punctuation has been used correctly
  • Have you used a variety of sentence openers?
  • Have you used paragraphs to organise your ideas?
  • Have you used exciting vocabulary selections?
  • Have you used literary devices such as alliteration and/or similes?

Great – if you have checked everything then it’s time to share (if you would like to!)

Quick Maths Challenge:

Bear Grylls Challenge: Build a Bike Challenge

In keeping with the theme, your challenge is to build a bike out of whatever you like. Here are a few that are made out of paper. You can use anything you want (just check with your parents/carers).

ICT Link to an online activity: Probability Pond

Probability games based round a pond theme. The headings of games are Describing Chances, Finding Probability and Showing Probability. The games are a good test of understanding of the concept of probability. There are varying levels of difficulty to each task (start with certain or impossible for an easier level and then move up).

Message of the day:

“The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is how high you raise your foot.”

Benny Lewis – Author


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    All sorted Jemima – well spotted.

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  3. Mr Taylor and Mrs Lawrence says:

    Dear Isabel,

    Myself and Mrs Lawrence are fine thank you very much. We spend our days helping children access the online learning and giving feedback. I hope you have enjoyed some of the tasks in the last 2 weeks.

    All the best for next week.

    Mr Taylor

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    hi how are you all doing

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    Tell him congratulations from me.

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