Friday 5th June Y5/6 (wk8)

We hope you enjoy the movie – part II due soon!

Good morning Years 5 and 6, we hope you have all recovered from the hill climbs of yesterday! As the race moves on, so do we…

Stage 3 – Plateaus and pep talks!

The Tour de France leaves Nice in stage 3. The riders will kick off from the Allianz Riviera, home stadium of OGC Nice, to travel through the lavender fields of the Provence to a finish in Sisteron. This is a mainly flat race (a plateau is the flat top of a mountain) covering 198 kms and will suit the sprinters in your team.   It is likely to set some fast times, so today’s maths is all to do with speed and time.

Daily maths task:

Today’s questions require you to solve some word problems involving distance travelled, times taken and speeds the cyclists were cycling at. Here is an example of a question:

A cyclist leaves Nice at 8.00am and arrives in Sisteron at 10.30am. If he cycled at a constant speed of 10 km (kilometres) per hour, how far was Sisteron?

To work this out: The cyclist travelled for 2 ½ hours so in 1 hour he travelled 10 km, in 2 hours he travelled 20 km , in the extra ½ an hour he travelled 5 km (half of 10 km).

Therefore, in total, he travelled 25 kms   (10 + 10 + 5)

If you found this really tricky, try the warm-up questions first.

If you found this tricky, try the bronze level questions.

If you found this ok, try the silver level questions.

If you understood this very well, you can try and make some of your own time/ speed questions (gold level) – remember to solve them!

If you found this really, really confusing, remember that there are always the quick fire maths questions for you to do.

Daily English task:

Yesterday, in the climb across the mountains on Stage 2, your Number 1 rider came tenth. It was a fair result but the team are a bit disappointed as they had hoped for a higher placing.

Your task today is to write the motivational team talk which the Team Principle (you) gives to his / her cyclists on the morning of Stage 3 in order to spur them on to greater success today. They need to believe in themselves and start working as a team.

You can present this in any way that you would like. You could write a script, you could record your talk or you could even video yourself giving your speech! 

Here is an example of a powerful motivational speech which might help with some ideas:

Remember that your talk / speech needs to be directed at your cyclists – NOT yourself.

You have impressed us so much with your creativity in the tasks so far….we look forward to seeing (and hearing) what you come up with today!

Good luck everyone – we hope your speech inspires better results today for your team.

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: Stand on one leg Challenge

Standing on one leg (for a period of time) is a great measure of your balance capabilities, so, how long can you do this challenge for?


-Make sure you are in a safe area.

-Look up at the ceiling/sky.

-Close your eyes.

-Stand one one leg.

-Get someone to time you. Let us know your time and send us a picture of you completing the challenge.

ICT Link to an online activity: Add and subtract your way across the Hexafield in this Mission 2110 game where you need to use your addition and subtraction skills to collect ‘Biorods’. This is another cool mission that is worth a go (10-15 mins approx).

Message of the day:

“When all the dust is settled, and all the crowds are gone, the things that matter are faith, family, and friends.”

Barbara Bush – American Activist and First Lady of the United States

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