Monday 8th June Y5/6 (wk9)

Good morning Years 5 and 6, we hope that you have had a great weekend – where has the sun gone? Never mind, the sun continues to shine in the South of France which is where we are now heading back to…we hope you have completed your warm-up stretches and are ready to set off!

Today, we are going to explore stage 6 of this epic race. (Stages 4 and 5 took place over the weekend).

The 6th stage on the Tour de France dips its toe in the Massif Central. The race from Le Teil to Mont Aigoual amounts to 191 kilometres. The last 26 kilometres run mostly uphill.

Le Teil is a small town on the banks of the Rhône River. The peloton sets off to enter the highly picturesque Ardèche region. On lumpy roads the riders head for an uphill finale.

Daily Maths Task: Your task today is to revise your multiplication skills.  You need to look at this diagram of Stage 6 and the places visited en route.

1./ Select a labelled place on the diagram (e.g. Goulsou) and look how far it is from Le Teil (the start of today’s stage)  this is the Km distance next to the place label.  Goulsou is 158 km from Le Teil.

2./ You have 5 riders in your cycle team. In order to find out how far the team has cycled when they get to Goulsou, multiply 158km by 5  (158 X 5)

3./ Repeat for other locations (at least 6) on the diagram to calculate your team distances. E.g. Cap de Cote = 174 km so 174 X 5

Challenge: Normally, a Tour de France team will have 8 riders. Can you re-calculate some total team distances if there are 8 riders or (if you are feeling super confident) by multiples of 8 such as 16 riders (distances X 16) or 24 riders (distances X 24) etc.

Good luck, the teams are interested in total distances to be covered in order to estimate tyre wear for today’s stage.

Daily English task Stage 6 of the race, takes the riders into the Ardeche region of France. This is a very beautiful area and Vallon-Pont-d’Arc is a village in southern France’s Ardèche department. It’s a gateway to the Ardèche Gorges, where the Ardèche River has carved a dramatic canyon through a limestone plateau. The village is named after the Pont d’Arc, a huge, natural rock arch. (See below)

Vallon – Pont d’Arc is a very popular tourist destination and there are lots of campsites in the area for families to stay at.

Your task today, is to write the description for Vallon- Pont d’Arc which will appear in next year’s Eurocamp brochure.  Think about:

  • What it is
  • Where it is
  • What you can see there
  • Why people might want to go there
  • What you can do there
  • How the Pont d’Arc was formed

Remember that your sentences need to be correctly constructed (punctuated correctly and make sense). This is a good opportunity to use lots of descriptive language such as adjectives, adverbs and literary devices.

The following videos and web links will support you and give you some ideas….

Good luck everyone – Eurocamp are waiting!

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: Tour de France Challenge (This challenge was inspired by Freddie from Y6)

Official website of Tour de France 2020

Stage 6 is 191 kilometres long which if we convert to miles is ‘191 divide by 8 x 5 = 119.375 (rounded to the nearest 10) = 120 miles.

Your challenge, as a phase, is to complete those miles (120) as a group. Each person today who rides a bike, goes on a scooter or a walk, can you please record your distance and email it in. I will add up the total distance and update the blog with how we are doing on completing the stage.


ICT Link to an online activity: Treefrog Treasure

Collect the jewels by selecting the correct decimal, fraction or percentage. You will love this game which has lots of different levels. Just start in World 1 at level 1-1 as it gets harder quite quickly. I think this game is brilliant (a new favourite of mine).

Message of the day:

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Joe Kennedy – businessman, investor and politician


  1. Mr Taylor and Mrs Lawrence says:


    Don’t worry too much. There is a ICT game every day so just relax and play a different one tomorrow. Also, maths will become easier as you get older. Just remember, if you can’t do something just ask for help.

    Take care,

    Mr Taylor

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    It works on my laptop but requires flash to be installed. This is probably something to ask your parents to do. If not, maybe search Treefrog on the internet and see if you can get it another way.

    I hope it works for you.

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