Thursday 11th June Y5/6 (wk9)

The total distance covered so far in Monday’s 120 miles challenge is:

106.01 miles (we are close)


Thanks to these children so far for their contributions: Harry S, Seth, Finlay C, Dylan C, Jack B, Owen, Cameron, Grace, Isobel, Tatiana, Zac, Joe S, James H, Logan, Grace B Alanna, Pippa and William.

Individually, Cameron H has completed the most with 31 miles.

Good morning Years 5 and 6, we hope that you are all keeping well. Today’s tasks are all to do with two of my favourite Ss – shopping and stories! So, without further ado, let’s add another s and get started!


At 154 kilometres, stage 9 on the Tour de France serves the second test in the Pyrenees. The race between Pau and Laruns tackles three ascents to an elevation of more than 1,000 metres. The finale flies downhill into the valley for a false flat run-in of 6 kilometres.

Daily Maths Task:

Today is day 9 of the race and your cycling team is beginning to suffer from the wear and tear of some equipment – you are beginning to wonder whether you have brought enough with you. You decide to place an urgent internet order to a specialist cycling equipment supplier in London – your purchases can be couriered to you in time for Stage 10 tomorrow. 

You have £2000.00 to spend. Your task today is to decide what to buy; calculate how much it will cost and work out how much change you will have left. Use the price guide below and watch out for some special offers which may need to be included in your calculations!

Think about how to present your order – a table or well organised accounts sheet usually works best. If you able to, you can also use Excel.

Remember that you have 5 cyclists in your elite team – happy budgeting!

Daily English Task:

Story time – a 2 day challenge!

The last time Year 6 wrote a story was way back in week 2 of lockdown so it is time to dust off those fictional writing skills, Years 5 and 6, once again!

I have put together a compilation of photographs which tell the story of one cyclist’s adventure whilst cycling in France. (Very appropriate!)

You may wish to use the photos to guide your story or you may wish to create your own but please try to include a cycling theme – we are doing the Tour de France after all!

Let’s think about what a good story needs to include:

I will also include the ‘Blue Writer’s use’ and ‘Green Writer’s use’ sheets to remind you about features to use in a good piece of writing.

A story mountain planning sheet is also included, in case you wish to use it.

Your word limit is 1000 words maximum – that is 2 pieces of A4 (but you can write less!)

We look forward to reading your masterpieces of creative fiction!

Quick Maths Challenge:

Bear Grylls Challenge: Dice Game Fitness Challenge

This challenge can be completed on your own or with a family member. Choose a level that you want to achieve (reps means each go i.e. If you did 10 press-ups, then that would be 10 reps). Try counting how many times you rolled the dice before you needed a rest! Let us know how you did.

ICT Link to an online activity: Fraction Beach

Build a sandcastle at the beach by using your knowledge of fractions. You need to know that a numerator is the top number in a common fraction and the denominator is the bottom number (see the diagram below). Once you understand that, then you will get a bucket of sand for each correct answer. I built my castle!

Guide To Fractions in 10 Simple Facts - Math Hacks - Medium

Message of the day:

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”

Arnold Palmer – professional golfer