Thursday 4th June Y5/6 (wk8)

Good morning Years 5 and 6. We trust that you are all keeping well and maintaining the fitness levels needed for this arduous race (we are too, of course!) It has been great to see how your Tour teams are developing and to read about your lead cyclists. We are also delighted that so many of you have been inspired to take part in your own rides – if we see any cycling helmets go whooshing past we’ll know who they belong to (it won’t be us!)

Stage 2: Sunday, August 30, Nice Haut Pays to Nice, 187km

Today’s stage is the first of the stages for the cyclists who love to hill climb. The second stage contains three cols (mountains), two of which are above 1500m, with a total of over 4000m of climbing.

Here is a diagram to show this stage and the climbs involved:

Daily maths task: Your task today is to use the diagram above to work out totals and differences in heights above sea level (what the heights in metres refer to) for the different places on this stage.

I have started you off with 5 questions…

1./  What is the combined height of  Col de la Colmiane and Col des Quatre Chemins?

2./  How much lower is Luceram than Col de Turini?

3./ What is the combined height of La Bollinette , Plan du Var and Col D’Eze?

4./  What is the difference in height between Saint- Martin – Vesbuie and Col D’Eze?

5./ What is the difference in height between Plan du Var and the first Nice measurement?

O.K. Let’s see how you got on….

Challenge: Can you now generate some more questions of your own? You can make them as difficult as you like – but do remember to calculate the answers too!

Daily English task

As the cyclists are busy hurtling along (and probably puffing up the mountains) they have no time to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the Cote D’Azur but you do!

Your task today, is to use the photographs below to generate some detailed sentences (at least 5) to describe the landscape and surrounding area of this popular tourist destination. I have started you off with my modelled example – can you create more?

You can use either picture for your inspiration. We look forward to reading them!

New – The French challenge from Mrs. Golding: Stage 2 of this year’s Tour de France is actually due to take place on Sunday August 30th 2020 and it is a hilly stage. Can you translate both the date and the word ‘hilly’ ?

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: Building ‘Tour de France’ Challenge

With the tour underway and the famous landmarks in view, can you use whatever you have at home (lego, cardboard, building bricks, etc.) to build a famous landmark from France. Please send us a picture for the blog.

ICT Link to an online activity: Take care in this futuristic 2111 mission where you need to crack the vault using your knowledge of fractions and decimals. This is a great game linked to a good areas of maths to test yourself. I particularly liked the stead hand challenge (No.3).

Message of the day:

“Family is the most important thing in the world.”

Princess Diana

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