Wednesday 10th June Y5/6 (wk9)

The total distance covered so far in Monday’s 120 miles challenge is:

60.28 miles


Thanks to these children so far for their contributions: Harry S, Seth, Finlay C, Dylan C, Jack B, Owen, Cameron, Grace, Isobel, Tatiana, Zac, Joe S, James H, Logan and Grace B.

Individually, Jack B has completed the most on: 8.06 miles.

Good morning years 5 and 6, we hope you are all ready for the climbs ahead of us today. So, helmets on, put your bikes into a low gear (ready for those hills) and let’s get going…


The 8th stage on the Tour de France is the first test in the Pyrenees. At 140 kilometres, the race kicks off in Cazères-sur-Garonne to finish downhill in Loudenvielle after three intermediate climbs.

Daily Maths task – Peaks and percentages

This is a map of today’s route showing the heights (metres above sea level) of some of the places that will be visited. 

Your task is to calculate percentages of some of these heights- there is a sheet below for you to complete.

E.g. Port de Bales = 1755m above sea level (I got this from the diagram above).

Core questions

10% of 1755m = 175.5m   (Divide by 10)       

5% = 87.75m (Half of 10% – divide 10% by 2)   

Challenge questions

25% = 438.75m (10% + 10% +5%)                 

45% = 789.75m (10%+10%+10%+10%+5%)

Choose your level according to how confident you feel with percentages:

Extra challenge:  If you feel super confident with percentages, you can calculate some of your own for some of these places e.g. 65% of 472m (Aspet)

Daily English task

The riders in your team have now been cycling for 8 days.  Some days have been flatter stages, some have been more mountainous but each day will have stretched your team’s physical endurance to the limit.

Your task today is to select one of the cyclists in your team and write their diary entry for today – when they have completed Stage 8. Here is a diagram to help you remember how to write a dairy entry:

Things you may wish to comment on/include in the diary entry:

  • What position they achieved today
  • How the team / they individually are doing overall after 8 days of racing
  • How they are feeling
  • Any incidents / accidents they have had or have seen
  • What they are missing from home
  • What their favourite stage has been so far and why
  • What their least favourite stage has been and why
  • Their thoughts about the days ahead
  • Their thoughts about the race so far – are they enjoying it? Does it match /beat previous years? (If your cyclist has been in the race before).

Good luck everyone – we look forward to reading these pieces of personal, reflective writing.

Quick Maths Challenge:

Bear Grylls Challenge: The 2,000-step  (1 mile) challenge

It takes great endurance and stamina to compete in the Tour de France. Can you walk 2,000 steps today (2,000 steps is the same as 1 mile). Good luck in today’s challenge.

ICT Link to an online activity: Comparing and ordering numbers – Fishy Game

There is lots to choose from so everyone can find something to enjoy. Start the first tasks and then the home menu will give you even more choices. What is the name of your fish? Mine was Speedy!

Message of the day:

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Aristotle Onassis – A Greek shipping magnate who amassed the world’s largest privately owned shipping fleet and was one of the world’s richest and most famous men.


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