Home-learning 11.1.21

Good morning Year 5!

Hope you’ve all had a restful weekend! I managed to get some more of my book read this weekend which I’m pleased with!

Here is today’s learning:


Warm Up:

25 x 4

14 x 5

26 x 6

3 x 12

56 x 3

48 x 5


This week we are looking at fractions.

What is a fraction?

Write down any fraction – can you read that out aloud?

The fractions that I write on here are going to look like this:


This still means ‘1 half’ or ‘a half’ or ‘1 over 2’

Today’s job is to look at fractions of shapes and in pictures.

For example:

fractions in progress

What fraction does this shape show?

Our first job is to count how many parts our shape is divided into. This is our ‘out of’ number or the ‘denominator’ and goes at the bottom of our fraction, like so:


Our second job is to count how many parts are coloured or selected. This is our ‘numerator’ and goes at the top of fraction, like so:


Now you have a go:

fractions in progress

When you are faced with shapes such as these ones you can write two fractions to show how much is shaded, what are these two fractions?

Fraction-Decimal Relationships with Grids


More challenging task:


Fractional Wall

fraction wall showing halves, thirds, quarters, sixths, eighths, twelths and twenty-fourths

Using the image above, how many different ways can you find of writing 12? 

From the picture, what equivalent fractions for 13 can you find? 

Again, using the image of the fraction wall, how else could you write 34? 

What other fractions do you know that are the same as 12? 

Find some other fractions which are equivalent to 34. 

Can you find any “rules” for working out equivalent fractions?


Warm Up:

This week we are going to be writing a fact-file about Rivers around the World.

Our first job is to remind ourselves what a fact-file is and any features.

Why might you write a fact-file?

What else could you write a fact-file about?

Make a list of what you think a fact-file should include.

Below is a list of features you may find. Did you include all of these and are there any you thought of that weren’t on the list?

Here are some examples of fact-files. Have a look at them and identify the different features.

Daily Maths: Choose a number – 44/562/6573.5

  • +24
  • -36
  • x20
  • divide by 100
  • write in words
  • write in Roman Numerals
  • +43.2
  • x3
  • ____________ + ? = 7573.2
  • Lilah’s band learnt _______________ songs. They played 23 at their first gig and 12 at their second gig. How many songs did they still have left to pay?


What animals can you remember from last lesson? Quickly make a list of the animal names that you can remember.

Today we are going to look at types of weather.

Act out a weather forecast using the French words instead of the English – You could even film yourself doing this to email in!


How are rivers formed?

How did they get here?

How do they grow?

Why are some bigger/longer than others?

Research on the internet and let us know what you find out about how Rivers are formed! You can present your findings however you wish!

Have a great start to the week!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt