Home Learning 12.1.21

Good morning Year 5!

Hope you all had a great start to the week and are ready to embrace the rest of the week. Remember to keep sending in any work you have completed – we love seeing everything you have been upto.

As most of you know, Mrs Hewitt enjoys sports and during the last lockdown she decided to run to help her keep fit.  In order to keep her motivation (and she likes medals), she signed herself up for some virtual challenges.

Mrs Hewitt found a virtual challenge which meant she had to run the distance of Mount Fuji, which was 46 Miles. She decided to run this by doing separate runs, ranging from 3 or 6 miles and it also included a half marathon!  At each check point the organisers also planted trees to help the environment and sent a virtual post card, sharing some amazing information about where you are virtually!  
She has now set her own challenge to run 2021 miles in 2021! And is currently virtually running Hadrian’s wall which is 90 miles.  

We felt it would be good for you to ask yourself ‘how have you challenged yourself today?’ This does not have to be running but could be walking, skipping, reading, knitting, baking the list is endless! We want you to have an aim so is there something you could reward yourself with at the end. You could design yourself your own medal! Here is an example of Mrs Hewitt’s medal to give you some inspiration:

Mrs Powell’s challenge is to read 50 books. Once I have completed this she is going to reward herself with a pamper night – bath, face-mask, paint my toenails :)!

We can’t wait to see how you have challenged yourself today!

Tuesday’s Learning:


Warm Up:

£2.13 + 59p

£3.00 + £6.20

£8.21 – £1.24

£8.33 + £42.32

Today we are going to look at finding fractions of numbers.

This can start simply such as 1/2 of 16?

Hopefully you answered 8 to this question

It can also get a little but more challenging for example 1/4 of 16. To find the answer to this question you could half 16 and then half again OR divide 16 by 4.

What did you get as your answer?

Have a go at these ones:

1/5 of 10

1/6 of 18

1/7 of 21

1/9 of 18

When you want to find a fraction of a number that looks like this 2/6 of 12 all you need to do is divide the 12 by 6 to give you 2 and then times it by the top number which is 2, so your answer is 4.

Just remember you divide by the bottom and times the top.

Another example:

3/4 of 16 =

16 divided by 4 = 4

4 x 3 = 12

Now you have a go:

4/6 of 12

3/7 of 28

3/4 of 8

2/9 of 27

6/8 of 16

4/7 of 14


Paper Halving

Age 5 to 11 

In how many different ways can you halve an A4 sheet of paper?

You might start off with something like these two, for example:

Have a good explore and see what different ways you can find. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

How will you know if they are halves?


Warm Up:

Describe this picture just using similes:

30 Pictures of the World's Most Breathtaking Waterfalls | Far & Wide

Today you need to gather the research needed for our fact-files.

Our fact-files are going to be about ‘Rivers around the World’

You can title it however you want!

This website is a great place to get started:


You could choose 4/5 rivers that you are going to include in your fact-file and write down some interesting facts about these rivers ready to put in your fact-file.

Remember not to write everything down but just take notes!

Daily Maths:

Choose a number – 56/436/4362.3

  • +24
  • -36
  • x20
  • divide by 100
  • write in words
  • write in Roman Numerals
  • +43.2
  • x3
  • ____________ + ? = 7573.2
  • Lilah’s band learnt _______________ songs. They played 23 at their first gig and 12 at their second gig. How many songs did they still have left to pay?

Online Games:

Have another explore on TT Rockstars.


Have a look at the blog post from yesterday if you’re not sure


Continuing with our Andy Goldsworthy work, we would like you to go outside and find some natural materials. This could be twigs, leaves, grass, bark, branches, rocks etc.

Either outside or inside place these objects to make a picture.

Here are some examples:

Andy Goldsworthy for Kids - a fun Autumn projects for kids
How to Inspire Your Students with Artist Andy Goldsworthy - The Art of  Education University
Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Temporary Art.
5th Grade Art with Mrs. Brown | Nature art, Camping art, Land art

Take a picture of your art-work we would love to see your creations!

Have a great Tuesday

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt