Home Learning 13.1.21

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are all well. It’s been lovely to hear what else you have all been up to as well as the home learning that is being set!

If you’re finding something too challenging don’t panic. Think about what you would do in class in that situation. You would ask the teacher for help – we are here to help with anything you need, whether you are happy with emailing us or would like a phone-call just let us know.

How are your daily challenges going? Mrs Hewitt clocked up some more miles yesterday and Mrs Powell managed to do an hour of reading before bed! Success!

Extra learning to look out for:

Oak Academy website have got some brilliant lessons on their website and come highly recommended

CBBC channel are broadcasting lots of ‘Bitesize’ learning as well as other types of learning – I got lost watching Secondary School Science yesterday!

David Walliams is reading some of his famous books on his website: www.worldofdavidwalliams.com (just click on watch & listen)

Please let us know if you’ve found anything else that you have enjoyed watching/listening and we can share it next time.

Today’s learning:


Warm Up:

24 + 16 – 12

45 – 15 + 13

2 x 9 + 14

10 divided by 2 + 53

We are going to continue looking at fractions today:

Sometimes you may find fractions inside word problems and today we are going to learn how to solve these:


In a bag of marbles, there are 28 marbles. 1/2 are blue. How many blue marbles are there?

So lets have a look for the important parts.

So altogether there are 28 marbles and we need to find the blue ones only. That is 1/2. We know that to find 1/2 we divide by the bottom number which is 2.

28 divided by 2 = 14

Our answer is 14

Now you have a go:

On a bus there are 36 passengers. 1/2 are children. How many children are there?


I win £15 in the lottery but give 1/3 away – how much do I give away?

15 divided by 3 =

In the classroom there are 24 children 1/3 like maths. How many children like maths?

24 divided by 3 =

I threw away 40kg of rubbish, but recycled 1/4 of it. How much rubbish did I recycle?

A shark chases 84 fish, and eats 1/4 of them – how many does it eat?


On a bus there are 82 passengers. 1/2 are children. How many children are there?

I win £21 on the lottery, but give 1/3 away – how much do I give away?

A shark chases 32 fish, and eats 3/4 of them – how many does it eat?

There is 35ml of pop in my bottle, but I spill 3/5 of it – how much do I spill?

Can you write story problems for these problems, and then work out the answers:

a) 1/2 of 36

b) 1/3 of 27

c) 2/4 of 120


I win £36 on the lottery, but give 2/3 away – how much do i give away?

I threw away 148kg of rubbish, but recycled 3/4 of it. How much rubbish did I recycle?

A shark chases 244 fish, and eats 3/4 of them – how many does it eat?

I am reading a book which is 55 pages long. I have read 2/5 of it. How many pages have I read?

Can you write story problems for these fractions, and then work out the answers:

a) 3/5 of 125

b) 2/3 of 27

c)1/2 of 164


Andy’s Marbles

Andy and his friend Sam were walking along the road together. Andy had a big bag of marbles.

Bag of Marbles

Unfortunately the bottom of the bag split and all the marbles spilled out. Poor Andy!

Bag of Marbles with marbles falling out

One third (13) of the marbles rolled down the slope too quickly for Andy to pick them up. One sixth (16) of all the marbles disappeared into the rain-water drain.

Andy and Sam picked up all they could but half (12) of the marbles that remained nearby were picked up by other children who ran off with them.

Andy counted all the marbles he and Sam had rescued.

Pile of marbles

He gave one third (13) of these to Sam for helping him pick them up. Andy put his remaining marbles into his pocket. There were 14 of them.

How many marbles were there in Andy’s bag before the bottom split?

What fraction of the total number that had been in the bag had he lost or given away?


Warm Up:

Decide whether these statements are Fact / Opinion/ Both

Strawberries taste disgusting

Paddle boarding is really difficult

Midday is at 12.00

Dinner is eaten in the afternoon or evening

Mr Walsh is Kelvedon’s head teacher


Today is planning day – you need to decided how you are going to present your fact-file.

Here are some suggestions:

Booklet (A4 paper in half)

Leaflet (A4 paper folded 2 times)

A4 sheet

A3 sheet




Once you have decided you need to think about the layout. Where are you going to put your title – at the top, in the middle at the bottom?

You need to write about 3/4 rivers with space for pictures and captions – I would box those areas today.

You need to make sure you have fact-boxes large enough for all your facts – make sure you use a ruler to mark out these boxes if you’re writing.

You will be filling in all the relevant information in your fact-file on Friday so make sure your layout is completed and as eye-catching as possible!

Daily Maths:

Choose a number – 68/548/7484.2

  • +24
  • -36
  • x20
  • divide by 100
  • write in words
  • write in Roman Numerals
  • +43.2
  • x3
  • ____________ + ? = 7573.2
  • Lilah’s band learnt _______________ songs. They played 23 at their first gig and 12 at their second gig. How many songs did they still have left to pay?


Take some time out to enjoy a good book! Remember to check if you can ‘quiz’ it using Accelerated Reader.

What book are you reading at the moment?


For PSHE this week we are being reflective with a focus on being thankful.

Reflecting on the things we are thankful for supports us to be positive in tricky situations.

Can you think about the things that you are thankful for and why?  
It can be something very simple that you are thankful for.  It could be that the sun has shone, you ate your favourite meal. 

Mrs Powell is thankful that the sun is shining whilst she is going out for her daily walks.

Mrs Hewitt is thankful for her walking boots as her walks with Poppy are very muddy at the moment!

You can present this in any way you wish.  You may wish to video yourself at the end of each day explaining what you are thankful for.  You may wish to create a thankfulness book, create a thankfulness model.  The choice is yours!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt