Home Learning 14.1.21

Happy Thursday everyone!

How are you daily challenges coming along? Mrs Hewitt has been out running in the evening whilst Mrs Powell has been continuing with her book (slightly regretting such a long book now!)

Today’s learning is set by Mrs Scotchford (Maths & SPAG) and Mr Edwards (P.E) we will let them both know how you’re all getting on!


I hope you all enjoyed solving the first clue in our murder mystery last week. The answer was ‘THE MURDERER DROPPED A HAT’. Remember to eliminate any suspects who don’t wear a hat from the list.

Clue 2 – Look at the mystery from a new angle!

You could use a protractor to measure the angles shown, but if (like me) you don’t have a protractor at home, you can use the list of possible angles below to estimate them (look at the information below and make a good guess, try the letters your estimates give you and try again if necessary). Each of the angles is the answer to at least question but some of the angles are used more than once. The value of each letter of the alphabet increases by 10 degrees each time so a = 10, b = 20, c = 30 and so on.

Possible angles:

10,     40,     50,     80,     90 (right angle),     110,     130,     180 (straight line),     190,     210.   

You should use this spacing to enter your letters and solve the clue:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _     _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _

If you’re struggling to open these at home let us know and we will try and help you!



Last week, we looked at words with the spelling pattern ‘-tion’. Today, we will continue with the same sound but using the spelling patterns ‘-sion’ or ‘-ssion’, for example, division and permission.

Have a look in a book, magazine or similar and find words which follow these spelling patterns. Do you know what the words mean? If not, can you find their meaning and use them in your own sentence(s)?

Try these activities and games to practise spelling words with these patterns:






For geography we are going to be exploring maps.

Can you remember any features of a map? 

Have a look at an atlas if you have one or search online (google maps is great) for a map near home or a place that you visit often and consider these questions:

What do you notice?

What information can you gain from looking at the map? 

What information is on the map to help you understand it?

Can you find a piece of information about the area that you didn’t know before?

Also look at a map of the area of your chosen mountain.

What are the similarities or differences between the maps?

Does the map tell you anything about the mountain?

How are mountains identified?

How are changes in the land shown?

Present your findings in any way you wish.  You could create a presentation or put the two images side by side and bullet point your findings. 



Warm up – Skipping for 5 minutes or if you don’t have a rope jog for 5 minutes around your garden/outside area.

Q – Could you skip for 5 minutes without missing a jump?

Activity 1 – Balance beam/line

On a bench or raised platform practice walking along the platform without falling off. If you don’t have access to a bench you can use a line on the floor and try to keep straight and not step off the line.

Walk back and forth until you have mastered this!

Q – Can you think of an exciting way to turn when at the end of the bench?

Activity 2 – Gymnastic Movements

Please watch this video and join along with the movements that she does including the warm up as it is important. Adult supervision is advised for some movements and a partner may be required.


Q – Why is it important to stretch before exercising?

Q – What other gymnastics movements can you do?

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt & the Yr5 team!