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Good morning Year 5 and happy Friday!

Keep an eye out for today’s celebration of learning – remember if you don’t see your work up it will either be up next week or it may have been more tricky to upload! We make sure we look through all the pieces you send it and it is great to see you all working so hard!

New ‘My Maths’ will go up today so please keep an eye on that – we noticed that some of you are still not accessing it!

We are also hosting a ‘drop-in’ virtual chat today which you should have been emailed about, it would be lovely to see as many of you as possible!

Other learning:

The National Marine Aquarium are hosting ‘live lessons.’ Check out this website to find out more:


Today’s learning:


Warm Up:

Hit the Button (Top Marks)


Today we are going to learn some simple fractions into decimals.

All we need to do is learn these:

1/2 = 0.5 (This is because 0.5 is half of 1 – in fractions 1 is a whole)

1/4 = 0.25 (This is because 1/4 is half of a half – in fractions 1 is a whole so half of this is 0.5 and then half of that is 0.25)

3/4 = 0.75 (This is because 2/4 is is the same as 0.5 and 1/4 is 0.25 so 0.5 + 0.25 would equal 0.75)

These facts are an important place to start when looking at fractions and decimals – if we can remember these facts then it will really help us!

I would like you to create a poster (on the computer of by hand) showing these fractions with their decimal pairs.

If you want to find out more about fractions and decimals then watch this video (the song is still in my head!)


Extension (extra challenge – will be tricky!)


This challenge is about chocolate. You have to imagine (if necessary!) that everyone involved in this challenge enjoys chocolate and wants to have as much as possible.

There’s a room in your school that has three tables in it with plenty of space for chairs to go round. Table 1 has one block of chocolate on it, table 2 has two blocks of chocolate on it and, guess what, table 3 has three blocks of chocolate on it.

Now … outside the room is a class of children. Thirty of them all lined up ready to go in and eat the chocolate. These children are allowed to come in one at a time and can enter when the person in front of them has sat down. When a child enters the room they ask themself this question:

“If the chocolate on the table I sit at is to be shared out equally when I sit down, which would be the best table to sit at?”

However, the chocolate is not shared out until all the children are in the room so as each one enters they have to ask themselves the same question.

It is fairly easy for the first few children to decide where to sit, but the question gets harder to answer, e.g.

It maybe that when child 9 comes into the room they see:

  • 2 people at table 1
  • 3 people at table 2
  • 3 people at table 3

So, child 9 might think:
“If I go to:

  • table 1 there will be 3 people altogether, so one block of chocolate would be shared among three and I’ll get one third.
  • table 2 there will be 4 people altogether, so two blocks of chocolate would be shared among four and I’ll get one half.
  • table 3, there will be 4 people altogether, so three blocks of chocolate would be shared among four and I’ll get three quarters.

Three quarters is the biggest share, so I’ll go to table 3.”

Go ahead and find out how much each child receives as they go to the “best table for them”. As you write, draw and suggest ideas, try to keep a note of the different ideas, even if you get rid of some along the way.

THEN when a number of you have done this, talk to each other about what you have done, for example:

A.  Compare different methods and say which you think was best.

B.  Explain why it was the best.

C.  If you were to do another similar challenge, how would you go about it?


Warm Up:

Add speech and the correct punctuation to the following sentences –

can you come downstairs now dinner is ready shouted mum from the bottom of the stairs

when you have finished all your work shall we go for a walk asked peter

have you seen the rain outside it hasn’t stopped all day said dad

Today you are going to be completing your fact-file

You should have:

  • Facts about different Rivers
  • A fact-file template

In your fact-file you should include

  • picture & captions
  • facts about Rivers
  • title and sub-headings
  • introduction box
  • colour
  • !,.?()
  • similes/adjectives/adverbs

We can’t wait to see yours!

Daily Maths:

Choose a number – 74/666/2720.4

  • +24
  • -36
  • x20
  • divide by 100
  • write in words
  • write in Roman Numerals
  • +43.2
  • x3
  • ____________ + ? = 7573.2
  • Lilah’s band learnt _______________ songs. They played 23 at their first gig and 12 at their second gig. How many songs did they still have left to pay?


Fitness Friday –

Warm up – Keepie Uppie challenge – with a ball/ball like object kick the ball in the air repeatedly until it falls on the floor whilst counting how many you have achieved.

Extension – try using strange objects such as toilet roll!

Q – What object did you use and how many did you get?

For all of the activities below try at least 3 times to see if you improve your score!

Activity 1 – Wall sit – see how long you can hold a wall sit.

Activity 2 – Plank – see how long you can hold a wall sit.

Activity 3 – Starjumps – how many starjumps can you do in a minute?

Activity 4 – Squats – how many squats can you do in a minute?

Activity 5 – Step ups – on a raised platform see how many step ups you can do in a minute.

Q – Did you get a better score as you did it again?

Friday’s Quote:

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present’.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt