Home Learning 8.1.21

We have received so many emails with all your fabulous work. We are so proud of how quickly you have all adapted to working from home again! Keep up the good work!

Are you all still managing to get outside? I know it’s harder because of the colder weather but I find it really helps me feel refreshed even if its only in the garden or for a short walk!

Later today I will publish all the work you have sent in so far so make sure you keep an eye out for it. If your work comes in during this evening (that is not problem) it may appear on next weeks gallery 🙂

Also, My Maths is being set today for next Friday so please access this – remember we can see who has done it!

Lastly, enjoy your weekend – we look forward to catching up via email on Monday!

Today’s learning:


Warm Up:

The answer is 56 what could the question be?

Think of lots of different ways to make this number (include + – x and divide)

This week we have been looking at multi-step problems. Let’s remind ourselves with these questions:

24 + 16 – 12 =

10 x 2 divide by 5

Let’s look at this problem together:

Uncle Ben has 440 chickens on his farm. 39 are roosters
and the rest are hens. 15 of his hens do not lay eggs. The
rest lay eggs. How many egg-laying hens does Uncle Ben
have on his farm?

What is our first step? (Read the question)

Next highlight the important parts

Now we need to work out our steps. First we need to work out how many hens there are to do this we need to ‘take-away’ the roosters from the chickens to see how many we have left, as those will be hens.

440 – 39 = 401

That is 401 hens

Now we need to find out how many of these hens lay eggs. To do this we need to takeaway the amount that do not lay eggs. This is 15.

401 – 15 = 386

That means the answer to the question is 386 as 386 hens can lay eggs.

Now you have a go:

  • Aunt May milks her Holstein cows twice a day. This morning
    she got 365 gallons of milk. This evening she got 380 gallons.
    She sold 612 gallons to the local ice cream factory. How many
    gallon of milk does she have left?
  • Mr. Parker has 982 pounds of grain. He feeds 240 pounds to his
    pigs and 460 to his cows. How much grain does he have left?
  • Peter has four horses. Each one eats 4 pounds of oats, twice
    a day. How many pounds of oats does he need to feed his
    horses for 3 days?

More challenging:

  • Calvin paints pictures and sells them at art shows. He charges $56.25 for a
    large painting. He charges $25.80 for a small painting. Last month he sold
    six large paintings and three small paintings. How much did he make in all?
  • Brayden and Gavin were playing touch football against Cole and Freddy. Touchdowns were
    worth 7 points. Brayden and Gavin scored 7 touchdowns. Cole and Freddy’s team scored
    9 touchdowns. How many more points did Cole and Freddy have than Brayden and Gavin?
  • On Thursday the Meat King Market sold 210 pounds of ground beef. On Friday they sold twice
    that amount. On Saturday they only sold 130 pounds. How much more meat did they sell on
    Friday than Saturday?


Build it Up:

We start with any four numbers (not zero!):

We then add them in pairs and place the total above them:

And we then add in pairs the new numbers we just got:

We do the same with those two numbers to get our final number:

You need to find four starting numbers to place at the bottom so that when you get to the top it’s 15 each time.

Try to find as many starting four numbers as you can.

Think about good ways to do this. Maybe use a system!

What little change can you make to the rules to explore again?

What new ideas can you think of to make this different? Explore those!

Here is a brand new variation that has lots and lots within it to explore  No longer 4 numbers at the bottom,  but 7 and they are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64   build it up in the same way as before and when you’ve reached the top EXPLORE and CREATE other versions.


Today we are going to use our planning, character description and setting description to write our story. This you can either hand-write or type on a computer.

Here is the picture again as a reminder:

resource image

Your story needs to include a clear beginning, problem and solution

It needs to checked through to make sure you have include full stops, capital letters (when needed), commas, speech.

Use lots of descriptive language (adjectives and adverbs)

Can you extend your vocabulary by using an online thesaurus?

Have you used paragraphs? You should have at least 3 for the beginning, problem and solution

We really look forward to reading your stories!

Daily Maths: Choose the number 42/544/4371.2

  1. x 3
  2. +25
  3. x20
  4. divide by 10
  5. write in words
  6. ________ + ? = 4532
  7. +54 – 22
  8. -56
  9. +65.3
  10. In a school there are __________________ children. 13 come by car, 23 come by bus, how many children walk?


Warm Up – Shuttle Runs

Make a space (preferably outside) and mark a straight line around 10m apart with whatever markers you have around the house.

Now, run to one end and back and repeat 2 more times so you have done 6 lengths overall.


Now, run to one end and back and repeat 1 more time.


Finally, run to the other end and back as fast as you can to complete the warm up.

Activity 1

-Find a ball or beanbag like object and a cardboard box like object.

-Stand one step away from the box and throw the object into it.

-Repeat this whilst stepping one step further away each time.

-How many steps can you get back before you can’t get it in anymore?

-Play again and try to beat your score.

Extension – Try to throw the object with your weak hand.

Activity 2

With the same object find a space outside and throw the object in the air and whilst it’s in the air clap as many times as you can before catching the object.

How many claps can you get?

Play again and try to beat your score.

Extension – Try to catch the object with one hand rather than 2.

Activity 3

With a partner (or a wall if a partner is unavailable), throw the ball like object between you and change the hands that you throw with each time. For example, if you threw with your left hand the next time you threw it would have to be with your right hand.

See how many catches you can get in a row and try to beat the score!

What sports are catching and throwing important in?

Extension – Try to catch the object with one hand rather than 2.

Activity 4

The 7’s Game

  • Throw the ball in the air and let it bounce once and then catch it. Complete this 7 times.
  • Throw the ball in the air and catch it without it bouncing. Complete this 6 times.
  • Bounce the ball on the ground and catch it. Complete this 5 times.
  • Throw the ball in the air and clap once. Complete this 4 times.
  • Throw the ball under one of your legs into the air and catch it. Complete this 3 times.
  • Throw the ball in the air and do a 360 degree turn and let the ball bounce before catching it. Complete this 2 times.
  • Throw the ball in the air and do a 360 degree turn and don’t let the ball bounce before catching it. Complete this once.

Don’t move onto the next step before you have completed the one before. Can you do all steps in a row without dropping the ball?

Extension – Complete again only using your weak hand.

It would be great to see a picture of you completing these activities!

Friday Quote:

The more you give away the more happy you become.
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
Dr. Suess

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt