Home Learning 12.2.21

Happy Friday and happy last day of term!

What a 6 weeks we have had! Thank you so much for all of your hard work – we are so proud of all of you for how mature you have been! You have amazed us everyday with the work you are sending in and it has been great to hear from you.

Please take this half term to rest and recharge. Mrs Powell and Mrs Hewitt are going to spend the week away from their computers and emails so won’t be able to reply to anything after today until the first Monday back (22nd February). Next term our topic is: Inventors! This is a topic that is so much fun and takes a really good look at the impact Victorian Inventors had back then and even on our lives today!

Today’s extra learning:

Maths Challenge answers from yesterday:

Today’s Learning:


Warm Up:

This week we have been finding out about Roman Numerals! By now you should have a good understanding about how these work. If you are still unsure have a look at this video which will explain:


As on Wednesday we looked at adding Roman Numerals today we are going to look at subtracting Roman Numerals.


V – i = 4 or iV

XX – V = 15 or XV

Now you have a go – try and write the answer using our number system and then in Roman Numerals:

V – iii


XXV – iV

L – X

C – XX

Now you have a go at writing some of your own! Here is a picture to help you:

Image result for roman numerals


Code Breaker

Many modern codes are based on two very large prime numbers multiplied together.

This problem is based on a code using two different prime numbers less than 10. These two primes have been multiplied together and the resulting number has been used to shift the alphabet forward to new letters, assuming that A is at position 1, B at position 2 etc. For example, if the two prime numbers were 2 and 3, then to make the code, the alphabet would be shifted forward by 6 places. A would become G, B shifts to H and so on.

Which way will you need to shift the letters to decode?

When you have deciphered the code, there will be one word which will remain coded. You can decipher this word by adding the two prime numbers together and shifting the letters again.

Can you find the doubly coded word in this sentence?




Warm Up:

Today you are going to be completing your story about this picture:

resource image

You should have already got a plan with a clear beginning, problem and solution.

Here is the story starter again for those that want to use it:

Many years ago, when I was just a small boy, we found a mysterious object washed up on the beach. It was a sort of silver-grey colour, and looked like a finger, only much, much larger.

Your story needs to contain:

  • beginning, problem, solution
  • Setting and character descriptions
  • correct punctuation .A:””!?()
  • interesting adjectives and adverbs
  • similes and/or metaphors
  • paragraphs
  • some long and some short sentences
  • varied verbs (not just went)

This is our last story of this half term so lets make it a good one! We can’t wait to read them!

Daily Maths:

Choose a number: 66/326/4326.3

  1. +463
  2. -23
  3. x20
  4. +100
  5. __________ + ? = 5642
  6. Write in words
  7. Find 1/2
  8. divide by 10
  9. +231 – 32
  10. There were ____________ lost single socks in the world. If they all found their partners how many socks would there now be?


Fun Activities

As this is the last PE session before the half-term break, I thought you’d like some fun games!

High Jump with a twist

Equipment: A clear space free of hazards and toilet rolls.

How to play:

  • Place a toilet roll on the floor
  • Stand to in front of the toilet roll, using two feet jump over the toilet roll.
  • Then add another toilet roll to the tower to create a bigger height.
  • Keep adding toilet rolls each time.

Q – How many toilet rolls can you jump over?

Top tips for jumping further – Keep your head up, swing your arms and lift your knees.

Bring Sally Up

Equipment: Song ‘Flower’ by Moby

How to play:

  • Play the song above.
  • You have to hold the plank position, when the song says bring sally down you need to go down into a push up, hold it and then when it says bring sally up you go back up into a plank position.
  • Keep going for the duration of the song, or as long as you can!

Stop the time if your body touches the floor!

Frying Pan Tennis

Equipment: A frying pan, lots of pairs of rolled up socks, bucket/basket

How to play:

  • Place the basket 2m away
  • Using the frying pan hit as many pairs of socks directly into the basket as you can in 1 minute,

Challenge yourself with each try with an aim to beat your highest score. If it is too easy move the basket further away.

Q – Can you change hands?

Toe Taps

Equipment: A safe space, a ball, if you don’t have a ball use a rolled up t shirt or jumper, Stopwatch

How to play:

  • Place the ball on the floor in front of you
  • The challenge is to tap your toe of each foot on the ball as many times are you can in 1 minute,
  • 1 foot at a time.


Equipment: A ball or anything that resembles a ball, bean bags, rolled up socks, anything that you can use to juggle that will not break if it is dropped on the floor, a clear and safe space.

How to play:

It takes lots of practice to be a good juggler, so stay focused, this video may help:

  • Juggle with one ball – start throwing the ball from your left hand to your right hand and back again, try to throw smoothly and create an arc shape with your ‘ball’ in the air.
  • Juggling with two balls – the second ball is thrown when the first ball reaches the top of the ‘juggling arc’.
  • Juggling with three balls – start with two balls in your left hand and one in the other. Throw the first ball from the left hand, when the first ball reaches the top of the juggling arc throw a ball from the right hand, and when the second ball reaches the top of the arc, throw the third ball from the left hand.

Make sure you try and catch all the balls after you have thrown them!

Toilet Roll Towers

Equipment: Toilet rolls x 3, Stopwatch

How to play:

  • Place the 3 toilet rolls in a tower in front of you to the left side.
  • Get yourself into a plank position
  • Whilst holding the plank move each toilet roll one at a time to form a tower on the other side.
  • Once the tower is rebuilt, then again move each toilet roll back to the other side.

Count how many complete towers you make in 1 minute.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and we look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
Maya Angelou

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt