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Good morning Year 5 and happy Thursday!

Today’s extra learning from Mrs Pomeroy


Learning – As usual on a Thursday the Maths/SPaG have been planned by Miss Scotchford and the P.E by Mr Edwards. Any feedback will be passed on to them.


Maths game:

Here is the link for a great game, called ‘Birds v Robots – maths battle’. Your mission is to help the birds defend their eggs from the evil robots by answering the maths questions. Answering questions correctly will earn you seeds which can be used to ‘buy’ birds. You can place these birds in selected squares to protect the eggs from the robots. This is a really fun game and you can choose which area to focus on (multiplication, subtraction, rounding, fractions etc.). You can even select which difficulty level you play at and the length of the game! Try as many different areas of maths as you can and remember to challenge yourself with the difficulty level!

Birds v Robots – Maths Battle – Mathsframe



As many of you enjoyed the ‘maths murder mystery’ we did before half term, I’ve got another one for you. This time, however, the focus is on SPaG rather than maths. There are five clues again so I will give you the first two over the next two weeks via the blog and the remaining three clues when we are back in school.

The Great British Spag Off – Who killed the Chef?


The suspects:

Suspect list:

Clue 1 – A Capital Crime.

The passage has no capital letters. Identify which letters should be capitals and this will spell out your first clue. A capital letter is needed at the beginning of a sentence and for proper nouns (specific names). You should eliminate any suspects from the list who the clue does not apply to. Use the following spacing to record each letter of your clue:

_     _ _ _ _     _     _ _ _     _ _ _ _     _ _ _     _ _     _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _.

Examples of proper nouns include:

Miss Scotchford, Thursday, February, Kelvedon, Easter, River Thames.

Clue 1:

Daily Maths:

Choose 76/542/3252.1

  1. +200
  2. -34
  3. x10
  4. x100
  5. x4
  6. +15 – 23
  7. Write in words
  8. Write in Roman Numerals
  9. _________ + ? = 7858
  10. A box could fit 20 cans of drink it it. How many boxes would I need to fit _________ cans of drink.


Victorian timelines.

A timeline is a representation of where important events happened on a line. In the order that they occured. 

As an example, here is, just a tiny part of Mrs Hewitt’s timeline…

So, where do the Victorians fit into our historical timeline?  

When does the Victorian age start and end? 

What important events happen within the Victorian period?

Is there anything that happens before or after that is also significant?

Can you research some facts and present your findings in a timeline? 

You can present your findings either by drawing, writing, using a computer or maybe even presenting it!

Here are some links which may help you get started:



For the PE sessions this week I have found a website that I used when I was younger and was looking for things to do in the summer holiday.

You may have heard of the National Trust before and they have an activity sheet called 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾ years old. Have a look at the list of activities and see if there are any that you would like to do.

Q – Have you already completed some of these activities?

An idea is to print out the activity list and cross off the ones that you complete!


Have a great Thursday!

Mrs Powell, Mrs Hewitt & the Year 5 team!