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Good Morning and Happy Friday!

The end of another week and what an eventful week it has been! We have finally been given some positive news about going back to school and we can’t wait to both get back to see you all in person!

From Monday, Mrs Hewitt will be working in school for those children who have been attending during this lockdown so Mrs Powell will be answering any emails you may have, organise any meet-ups you may want to have over Monday and Tuesday and feedback on any work you send in!

Today’s class chat is our last before we go back to school due to staff going in next Friday to get ready for your return. The blog will be running work as usual though on the Friday

Please make sure your ‘My Maths’ is upto date.

Extra Learning from Mrs Pomeroy:



Warm Up:

Now you have your graph completed it is time to analyse the data. To do this you need to answer some questions about it. I have tried to keep the questions as broad as possible as I don’t know what you have all presented data about:

  1. What has the highest value or the most common?
  2. What has the lowest value or the least common?
  3. What is the difference between the highest and lowest
  4. Why do you think __________ has the lowest number?
  5. Why do you think ___________ has the highest number?
  6. What could you do different next time?
  7. Does your graph show the data in the best way? Why?
  8. How could you extend your investigation?


Warm Up:

Today you are going to use your research and your planning to write a biography about the inventor that you have chosen.

You need to make sure you look back at the features of a biography. Here are some features that I found:

  • used a question or interesting opening statement to hook the reader?
  • summarised the main events of the person’s life in the first paragraph?
  • written in the past tense?
  • used third person pronouns?
  • written about key events in the subject’s life?
  • written about key influences in the subject’s life?

Also please make sure you include the following:

  • paragraphs
  • range of punctuation .A()-;:,””!
  • descriptive language – adjectives/adverbs
  • facts and dates
  • complex sentences

We look forward to reading your biographies!

Daily Maths:

Choose 72/242/2616.2

  1. +200
  2. -34
  3. x10
  4. x100
  5. x4
  6. +15 – 23
  7. Write in words
  8. Write in Roman Numerals
  9. _________ + ? = 7858
  10. A box could fit 20 cans of drink it it. How many boxes would I need to fit _________ cans of drink.


For the PE sessions this week I have found a website that I used when I was younger and was looking for things to do in the summer holiday.

You may have heard of the National Trust before and they have an activity sheet called 50 things to do before you are 11 ¾ years old. Have a look at the list of activities and see if there are any that you would like to do.

Q – Have you already completed some of these activities?

An idea is to print out the activity list and cross off the ones that you complete!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt