Home Learning 3.2.21

Good morning Year 5 and happy Wednesday!

Extra Learning:

Today’s Learning


Warm Up:

So far this week we have looked at 3D shapes and made a list of their properties, we have investigated different nets for 3D shapes and played a matching game.

Today you are going to try and design your own 3D shape and draw a net to go with it! You will need to work out how many faces, edges and vertices/points your shape has.

You will need to draw your net using a ruler or if you know how use a computer. When folded your net should become the 3D shape. Try not to over complicate your shape as then it can become tricky to fold!

If this is too much then draw your own net for a well known 3D shape and then try and build it.

Here you will find lots of examples of 3D shapes that you could use for inspiration:


Sponge Sections

You have been given three shapes made out of sponge: a sphere, a cylinder and a cone.


You are going to make some shapes for printing out of these sponges.

How would you cut the sphere to make the largest circle for printing?
How could you make the largest possible circle from the cylinder … and the cone?

Which shape would you use to make a very small circle for printing?

If you cut the shapes in different ways, what other shapes for printing could you make?

If you make two cuts, are other shapes possible?


Warm Up:

So far this week we have looked at the features of a newspaper and had identified these features in some copies of newspapers – you should by now be familiar with what a newspaper article looks like and what should be included.

You should also have an idea about the story you are going to be reporting about, whether this be something you found on the internet or something you have made up.

Today’s task is to plan out your newspaper – a traditional newspaper is usually written in columns (2 or 3) with a headline at the top. It can be a one or a two page spread. You need to also include:

  • interviews with eye witnesses
  • pictures with captions
  • catchy headline
  • sub-headings
  • advert or game if across two pages
  • price/date if a front page

Once you have planned out your newspaper you could start to think about a catchy headline for your report.

Daily Maths:

Choose Number 58/234/3426.2

  1. +200
  2. -10
  3. x100
  4. x10
  5. x4
  6. +65 – 21
  7. ________ + ? = 8795
  8. Write in Roman Numerals
  9. Write in Words
  10. There were _____________________ birds counted during the course of week. If exactly the same were counted the following week. How many were counted altogether? (Take out the decimal for the larger number.

Reading Comprehension:

Make sure you are still reading at home and taking time out of your day to do so.

Here is a reading comprehension for you to have a go at:


Being kind and thoughtful is so important especially right now.  It can be tricky sometimes to understand someone else’s point of view or how someone else is feeling when you may not be feeling so great yourself.  

An act of kindness can make both people feel great.  Mrs Hewitt received some lovely cakes from a friend after a chat with her the week before.  It really gave her a warm, fuzzy feeling that someone had thought of her. 

Mr Powell received a card with the words ‘sending you a big long-distanced hug’ this really cheered her up as something she is missing at the moment are lots of hugs!

Your first task is to create an A4 poster on how you are kind to others at the moment.  Decorate it any way you wish, make it colourful! 

Then, can you think of ways that you may add to it?  It can be really simple and doesn’t have to cost anything apart from your time.

Here are some ideas to help you: –

  • Is there a friend you haven’t checked up on in a little while and really would like to message or call them?
  • Agree to keep your parent/guardian company on a walk and thank them for their time. 
  • Give a close family member in your bubble a cuddle. 
  • Thank your parents/guardian for the dinner they cooked. 
  • Post/email/video a little note to a friend or family member.

When you have completed your acts of kindness, add it to your poster. 

Take a moment to look through all the wonderful things you have completed to help others feel better. 

Reflect on how that makes you feel.

This is a learning task that you may wish to revisit throughout this week. 

Maybe try for one act of kindness a day for 5 days! 

We look forward to seeing your finished posters!

Have a great day! Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt