Home Learning 4.2.21

Good morning and Happy Thursday!

Just a reminder that both Google Meets will be taking place this Friday as normal with 5P at 10.00 and 5H at 10.30. Mrs Powell will send a reminder of the code needed out to 5P. 5H if you just use the same code as last week. Look forward to seeing your faces on Friday!

Today’s Extra Learning from Mrs Pomeroy


Today’s Maths/SPaG and P.E has been planned by Mrs Scotchford and Mr Edwards – we will make sure that any feedback/emails/videos get forwarded to them 🙂

Murder Mystery:

Good morning year 5. It’s the last part of our ‘Murder Mystery Maths’ today, meaning we reveal the murderer!

The answer to the fourth clue is: MURDERER DROVE OFF IN A RED CAR. Remember to eliminate any suspects this doesn’t apply to on your list. The murderer will be posted tomorrow!

Clue 5 – Inspector Morse on the investigation.

There is an English link to this clue. Look carefully at the punctuation on each line. At the end of each line, compare the series of hyphens and full stops with the dashes and dots of the Morse code. Each ‘end of line’ series corresponds to a letter of the alphabet.


  • Note down all the hyphens and full stops on each line. At the end of each line, check the Morse code table at the top of the page to find which letter of the alphabet it represents.
  • Use the following spacing to record your clue:

_ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _     _     _ _ _ _ _.

The final murderer will be revealed tomorrow!



Our spelling patterns today are words ending in –ible and –ibly, for example, responsible and responsibly. How many other words can you think of or find that follow these patterns? Can you write them in a sentence? Here are some examples:

  • The responsible girl wore reflective clothing so she was visible in the dark.
  • Incredibly, the professional footballer was terrible at passing the ball.
  • The teacher couldn’t possibly read the illegible handwriting.

Extension: What word class does each of your words belong to? (Responsible is an adjective, possibly is an adverb etc.)

Here are some activities and games you can have a go at to spell words that use these suffixes:

https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/look-say-cover-write-check-685499.htm https://www.spellzone.com/word_lists/games-685499.htm

Daily Maths:

Choose Number 68/354/3263.1

  1. +200
  2. -10
  3. x100
  4. x10
  5. x4
  6. +65 – 21
  7. ________ + ? = 8795
  8. Write in Roman Numerals
  9. Write in Words
  10. There were _____________________ birds counted during the course of week. If exactly the same were counted the following week. How many were counted altogether? (Take out the decimal for the larger number.

P.E – Lockdown Olympics! (This is for today and tomorrow)


We have received some great canal creations. Well done!
Let’s take a look at how a lock works.


We are going to investigate water pressure today.

What is water pressure?

Water pressure is the force applied by water on its surroundings.  It applies this force because of its weight.

Do you think the same amount of water will escape the bottle when the levels are varied?

You will need:

  • 1 water bottle.
  • A way to mark different levels on your bottle.  It can be three different coloured sharpies, different coloured string or ribbon or even three different stickers.
  • A measuring jug or container
  • Paper and pencil
  • Water
  • Timer

1) Mark your bottle with three different lines. It doesn’t matter where they are as long as they are different.

2) Fill your bottle with water to the first mark.

3) Put the lid on and turn it upside down.

4) Place the water bottle over the jug to catch any escaping water.

5) Open the cap and time 10 seconds then turn the bottle back to the upright position.  remember not to squeeze the bottle as this will affect your results.

6) Measure and record how much water escaped.

7) Repeat the same process for the second and third line.

Did the amount of water that escaped change?If so,  why do you think this happened?

Does water weigh anything?

There are lots of things to do today – if you don’t manage to do them all in a day that is no problem!

Have a great Thursday!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt