Home Learning 8.2.21

Good morning and happy Monday!

Today marks the last week of this half – term! Well done for working so hard during the past few weeks, sending in work, getting involved in other activities, helping around the house, going for walks, baking and so much more. In your emails you always ask how we are for this we are really grateful. Just like you we sometimes can sometimes find being at home and not school really hard. We didn’t train to become teachers whilst not in the classroom. We are keeping as positive as possible and it really helps us when we receive a ‘hope you are well’ or ‘how are you’ or ‘what have you been upto?’ So thank you!

Lets make this week a good one! Remember the main thing is that you are happy, if that means not being able to complete all the blog work in one day then that is fine! If that means doing extra work then that is fine!

Today’s extra learning from Mrs Pomeroy:


For those who love all things space!


Warm Up:

This week we are going to be learning our Roman Numerals – now I appreciate that lots of you already know a lot of your Roman numerals already. If that is you I would like you to spend some time practicing those and seeing how high you can get. Have a go at completing some maths problems just using Roman Numerals. You could also research about why Roman Numerals were used and how they came about!

Everyone else follow here:

Today we are going to look at the basic Roman Numerals:

1 = i

5 = v

10 = x

50 = L

100 = C

500 = D

1000 = M

Now you can start to think about how these numbers can come together to make new numbers. For example:

XX = 20

CC = 200

XV = 15

iii = 3

What other numbers can you make from just the Numerals at the top?

How could you remember these Roman Numerals? Could you make a song up? How about a Powerpoint or Poster? Or a rhyme?

Think of a way to help you!

Or you could just listen to this catchy song and it will help you:



It’s a Scrabble:

Here’s a sort of code you may have seen before:

A, E, I, O, U, L, N, R, S, T 1 
D, G 2 
B, C, M, P 3 
F, H, V, W, Y 4 
K 5 
J, X 8 
Q, Z  10  

If you exchanged each letter of your name for a number, what would the code be?

Mine is Lynne so my code is 1 4 1 1 1 . The numbers add up to 8 which is not much!!

What is your name worth using this code?

Try some other names – what names are worth the most and which are worth the least?

Are longer names always worth more?

Can you work out why certain letters are worth a lot and why others are only worth one?


Warm Up:

This week we are going back to story writing!

I have selected a picture I hope will appeal to lots of you!

resource image

This picture is titled ‘The Invasion’

(Mrs Powell was inspired by this picture as she has been spending some of her evenings watching the Marvel films in order and reached ‘Avengers – End Game’ last night!)

Here are some questions I would like you to think about and answer in relation to this picture, there are no right or wrong answers:

Who/what are these things that are approaching?

Are the people right to be wary?

Do you think the new arrivals mean harm or do they come in peace?

How many of them do you think they are?

Where have they come from?

Who is the character telling the story?

How will people deal with this ‘threat’?

Who controls the airships?


Can you design your own giant robot? It could be friendly/helpful, or it could be evil and wicked!

Daily Maths:

Choose a number: 54/672/2521.3

  1. +463
  2. -23
  3. x20
  4. +100
  5. __________ + ? = 5642
  6. Write in words
  7. Find 1/2
  8. divide by 10
  9. +231 – 32
  10. There were ____________ lost single socks in the world. If they all found their partners how many socks would there now be?


Today you are going to revise everything we have learnt this term. Here is what I would like you to design – all labels to be in French.

A house with rooms (labelled) that is positioned on a farm with animals (labeled). You can decide what the weather is doing (labelled). Draw who lives with you in your house (labelled)? Look back over the blogs to see what other things you could add to your picture in French.


Mountains and rivers are so beautiful and a lot of people enjoy exploring them.

It has got Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Powell thinking about the impact we may have as humans on our wonderful environment.

Can you think of ways in which we put mountains and rivers in danger?

Take a look at some of these videos to give you some ideas.



The videos highlight some ways in which we can damage our mountains. 

Here are some questions for you to think about…

What is the impact of not using footpaths?  Think about vegetation, erosion, wider footpaths as more people visit.

This video may help you gain some ideas…

Maybe you can think of other ways in which we may damage the environment?

Can you create a poster which could be displayed at the visitor centre of Ben Nevis. 

Your poster will advise visitors of what they can do to help keep our mountains safe.

You can present this any way you wish.  On a computer, piece of paper, maybe a powerpoint presentation which can be displayed on a TV screen?

Have a great Monday everyone!

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt