Home Learning 5.3.21

Only 3 more sleeps until we get to see you!! As you can tell we are very excited! We hope you are too!

Make sure you all have a lovely weekend, rest and relax as we want you fresh for a new start on Monday.

We want to take this opportunity to express how very proud we are of you all! This has not been easy but being able to communicate with you over email, video calls and phone calls has really helped. We don’t want you to worry about ‘falling behind’ as we will make sure we revisit things from the blog and learning already covered in school, our main aim is that you come in happy and ready to learn again!

Thank you parents/grandparents/carers for everything you have done – you have supported us massively during this whole period and we appreciate how hard that is when you have your own jobs to contend with also. Your words of encouragement really do mean everything!

Today’s extra learning:

Today’s Learning


Warm Up:

To finish of this weeks learning of co-ordinates we thought a game of battleships was in order!

This can be played with another person at home or on your own virtually using this website:


Here you will find a template for playing Battleships that you can print our or draw yourself:

How to play:


You and your opponent sit facing each other and neither can see the other’s ocean grid.

Place your fleet of 5 ships on the ocean grid.

Rules for placing ships:

  • Place each ship in any horizontal or vertical position but not diagonally.
  • Don’t place a ship so that any part of it overlaps letters, numbers, the edge of the grid or another ship.
  • Don’t change the position of any ships once the game has begun.

Game Play

Decide who will start. You and your opponent will alternate turns, calling out one shot per turn to try to hit each other’s ships.

On your turn, pick a target hole and call out its location by letter and number.

When you call a shot, your opponent must tell you whether your shot is a hit or a miss.

1. It’s a hit

If you call out a shot location that is occupied by a ship on your opponent’s ocean grid, your shot is a hit!

Your opponent tells you which ship you have hit (cruiser, submarine, battleship, etc..)..

Record your hit by placing a red cross on your target grid. Your opponent places a red cross in the corresponding hole of the ship on his ocean grid.

2. It’s a miss

If you call out a shot location not occupied by a ship on your opponent’s ocean grid, its a miss.

Record your miss by placing a blue cross in the corresponding target hole on your target grid, so you will remember this location and won’t call this shot again.

Sinking a Ship

Once all the holes in any one ship are filled with red crosses, the ship will sink. The owner of that ship must announce which ship was sunk.

End of the Game

If you are the first player to sink your opponent’s entire fleet of 5 ships, you win the game.

We would love to see some pictures of you playing!!


What Do You Need?

What do you need to find a number chosen from this hundred square?

100 square

Four of the clues below are true but do nothing to help in finding the number.
Four of the clues are necessary for finding it.

Here are eight clues to use:

  1. The number is greater than 9.
  2. The number is not a multiple of 10.
  3. The number is a multiple of 7.
  4. The number is odd.
  5. The number is not a multiple of 11.
  6. The number is less than 200.
  7. Its ones digit is larger than its tens digit.
  8. Its tens digit is odd.

What is the number?


Warm Up:

This week we have spent time designing our own inventions – some one you may have made this using recyclable materials and some of you designed a logo for your product. Today you are going to present and pitch your product.

There was a programme on CBBC called ‘pocket money pitch’ where people had to present their inventions to a panel and talk about what the product is and costings. The adult version of this programme was called ‘Dragon’s Den.’


We would like you to do the same thing – you could pitch your idea to your teddy bears, siblings, parents etc and they will decide if they want to ‘pretend’ buy into it! They can ask you any questions about your pitch so make sure you know everything about it!

It would be great to see some pictures of this or for you to film it!

Daily Maths:

Choose either 48/320/4362.3

  1. Write in words
  2. Write in Roman Numerals
  3. +56
  4. x100
  5. divide by 10
  6. find half
  7. x3
  8. -34
  9. ____________ + ? = 7695
  10. The school office phone rang _____________ during the week. If it rang 12 times on Monday, 12 times on Tuesday, 6 times on Wednesday, and 3 times on Thursday, how many times did it ring ton Friday?


Warm up – Pick a different 3 songs from before on this video to copy along to and help you warm up.

Main Activity – Basketball

With a ball or ball like object (E.g. socks) copy the activities shown in this video. These drills will help you for when we get back to school and play basketball as it’ll help your basic skills develop.

Other activity ideas –

Shooting – Using a bucket and the ball/ ball like object place the bucket a meter away from you and shoot the ball into the bucket. Once you have managed to get it in step 1 meter back and repeat. Continue to do so until you can’t get it in anymore.

Q – How far back did you get?

Dribbling – With the ball try walking slowly and dribble the ball around the garden or outside area near you. To extend this drill try running when you think you have mastered walking and dribbling.

Passing – With a partner or a target practice the different passes shown below; https://www.breakthroughbasketball.com/fundamentals/passing.html

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We honestly can’t wait to see you all soon!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Powell & Mrs Hewitt and the Year 5 team!