Craft projects coming up…


Good afternoon to you all, we hope that you have been enjoying the lovely weather and the half term break.

Next half term, as well as looking at the themes of Disney and animation, we will also be working creatively with clay. In addition, I would like to try some creative projects using card and other ‘junk’ materials. To that end, if you could save and send in any of the following, it would very much help:

  • toilet roll tubes
  • egg boxes
  • cardboard (boxes)
  • milk cartons
  • yoghurt/margarine tubs
  • newspaper
  • cocktail sticks
  • buttons
  • straws
  • paper plates
  • tin foil

We can obviously buy some of these (you don’t need to!) but the scrap or recyclable materials, particularly those in bold, would be especially useful.

Thankyou. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Mr Beazeley