5S Production!

For our Year 4 and 5 production this year, each class will be performing a different Shakespeare play. In 5S, we will be performing Antony and Cleopatra. Children auditioned for various roles and scripts will be handed out this week so they start learning lines.

For this play, children have been cast as either a Roman or Egyptian (with a pirate or two involved!) Below are some ideas for costumes, but Roman or Egyptian outfits can be as simple as a large white t-shirt with a coloured scarf for a belt.

We will be beginning rehearsals next week, as the production is not far away. There will be two performances; one on Wednesday 9th February at 6:30pm, and the other on Thursday 10th February at 3:30pm. 5S are very excited to get started with practice and we hope you enjoy the final performance!

Thank you,

Miss Strudwick