Y6 SPELLINGS FOR THIS WEEK (Week beginning: 26th March)

These spellings will be given to your child on Monday (stuck in their Spelling Journal) and will be tested on Friday.  Please can you help your child to practise and learn their spellings.

Thank you.


LO: To spell words with a hyphen (joining prefixes to root words).

Spelling pattern: ‘hyphens’.


  1. co-own
  2. re-enter
  3. re-elect
  4. self-esteem
  5. ex-convict
  6. cross-section
  7. non-toxic
  1. co-ordinate
  2. co-operate
  3. all-inclusive
  4. self-portrait
  5. self-addressed
  6. ex-boyfriend
  7. mid-February
  8. mid-Atlantic
  9. cross-reference
  10. non-taxable