Y6 SPELLINGS FOR THIS WEEK (Week beginning: 11th March)

These spellings will be given to your child on Monday (stuck in their Home/School Log) and will be tested on Friday. Please can you help your child to practise and learn their spellings.

Thank you.

LO: To spell words with a hyphen (joining prefixes to root words).

Spelling pattern: ‘hyphens’.

  1. co-own
  2. re-enter
  3. re-elect
  4. self-esteem
  5. ex-convict
  6. cross-section
  7. non-toxic
  1. co-ordinate
  2. co-operate
  3. all-inclusive
  4. self-portrait
  5. self-addressed
  6. ex-boyfriend
  7. mid-February
  8. mid-Atlantic
  9. cross-reference
  10. non-taxable