Times Tables Y6

Dear Parents/Carers,

After the 6 weeks summer holiday, many children have found it difficult to remember their instant times tables. Please could you support your child (in a fun way) to learn all their times tables from 1-12 in mixed order e.g. 7×8, 6×7, 4×3, 9×5, 11×7, 12×4.

Children also need to know their square numbers off-by-heart e.g. 1×1=1, 2×2=4, 3×3=9, 4×4=16, 5×5=25, 6×6=36, 7×7=49, 8×8=64, 9×9=81, 10×10=100, 11×11=121 and 12×12=144.

Here are some of the games we use in school:

  • Times Table Snap (pack of cards 1-10, 2 players, turn a card over at the same time and first to call the correct answer wins e.g. 4×6=24 (note an ace  = 1). Winner keeps card, draw = 1 card each.
  • Times Table Bingo – Firstly, select 9 answers from a pair of times tables (e.g. 6 and 4) and write on  a piece of paper. Call out various questions in the 6 and 4 times tables until all answers are crossed out on the bingo card. Playing with more people makes it more fun!
  • Roll two dice (times table the resulting throws 6 and 3)
  • Verbal Times Tables when children have nothing better to do (on a car journey)
  • Online Games (most can be used on tablets as well) eg (see links  below) Hit the Button , Coconut Multiples, Multiply, Maths fishing, Tommy’s Trek, Super Maths Bowling and there are many more online…

Hit the button:


Coconut Multiples:




Maths Fishing (pick your own level)


Tommy’s Trek


Super Maths Bowling