Spring Term Creative Homework

Here is a copy of this term’s creative homework.  As you can see, it is going to follow a different format and we look forward to seeing the individual presentations in the final week of this half term.


Creative Homework…with a difference!

This half term’s creative homework is going to be an ongoing project which you will need to present during the last week of the half term. Each of you will have a time tabled slot. As this is a presentation, you will not need to stick anything in your red book. You will need to research the information, prepare your materials and know what you are going to say. We will be looking for creative presentations including drawings, artefacts, maps etc. The use of PowerPoint is not a requirement for this task; it is optional.

The task will be to select a European country and compare and contrast what is like now compared to how it was during World War 2. You might like to consider:

  • Language
  • Currency
  • Population
  • Leader
  • Traditional foods
  • Capital
  • Land use
  • Size of army
  • Famous buildings
  • Flag
  • National anthem
  • Famous people
  • Allied or axis during WW2?
  • Religion
  • Popular hobbies and past times
  • Army uniform
  • Anything else which interests you.

This is a project for you to complete at home which will help you to develop the skills which you will need for secondary school. We look forward to watching them.

Mrs. Lawrence, Miss Rushen and Mr. Taylor