Monday 23rd March Y6

Year 6, we hope that you are all safe and happy. We are sure that you are missing our wit and charm but we can ensure you we will keep in touch on here.

Daily Maths Task: this week both math’s booster groups will be applying their math’s skills to solve a murder! A clue will be released each day to help eliminate suspects. 

6T Maths Booster

Murder in Mallorca mmm9_story ST booster

Suspects mmm9_suspects (1) ST booster

Clue 1 clue 1


6L Maths Booster

Death in the allotment mmm12_story (1)

Suspects mmm12_suspects

Clue 1 clue 1


Daily English Task:

Death at the SPaG Bol!

Each day this week, we will release a clue to help you eliminate half of your suspects. On Friday we will release the solution. Did you get it right Sherlock?

The story begins here…



Clue 1

Bear Gyrlls Challenge:

You must complete 30 press-ups and 30 sit-ups by the end of the day!

ICT Link to an online activity: Keep those numbers bonds, times tables and division facts alive with ‘Hit the Button’!

Message of the day:

We hope you enjoy using your powers of detection! Good luck.