Wednesday 25th March Y6

Good morning Year 6, we hope you are keeping well and enjoying playing detectives in the sunshine!

Daily Maths Task: this week both math’s booster groups will be applying their math’s skills to solve a murder! A clue will be released each day to help eliminate suspects.

6T Maths Booster

Murder in Mallorca

Clue 2 Answers answers 2

Clue 3 clue 3

6L Maths Booster

Death in the allotment (read across the rows to decipher the message)

Clue 2 Answers answers2

Clue 2b Answers answers2b

Clue 2c Answers answers2c

Clue 3 clue 3

Daily English Task:

Death at the SPaG Bol!

Clue 2 Answers Answers 2

Clue 3 Clue 3

Bear Gyrlls Challenge: If you have a garden or SAFE outdoor space, create a sundial outside. Mark every hour with the length of the shade and number it in a creative way!

sun dial eg

ICT Link to an online activity: Have some fun with ‘Tommy’s Trek’ where you can practise any of your times tables.

Message of the day:

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.”

Bonnie Blair (Speed Skater)