Y6 Assessment for Spring

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are writing to advise you about your child’s Spring Term Assessment. With the Year 6 Key Stage 2 SAT’s Cancelled and the current school situation, we feel that it could be useful for children to have the opportunity to reflect upon their progress. We have sent home the 2019 KS2 SATs that we used for Spring assessment. Children might want to look at how well they did and look at any errors – with the opportunity to correct. Not all children should be answering all the questions.

A guide to how well your child would be doing in the SATs:

Green Level (where Year 6 children should be):

Maths: 22/40 Arithmetic 13/35 for each reasoning paper (48/110 is the start of green level)

English Grammar and Punctuation: 28/50 the start of green level


Blue Level (above where Y6 children should be):

Maths: 30/40 Arithmetic 25/35 for each reasoning paper (80/110 is the start of blue level)

English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: 40/50 is the start of blue level.


If your child wants to look at the last few years SAT papers, we have uploaded the papers via the link below. Additionally, there are some extra mental maths questions.

Please click on the links below to access the relevant pdf:

2019 Reading STA198210e_2019_ks2_English_reading_Reading_answer_booklet

2019 Reading Material STA198211e_2019_ks2_English_reading_Reading_booklet

2019 Reading Answers STA198212e_2019_ks2_English_reading_Mark_schemes

2019 SPaG STA198213e_2019_ks2_English_GPS_Paper1_questions

2019 SPaG Answers STA198215e_2019_ks2_English_GPS_Mark_schemes

2019 Maths Arthritic 1 STA198216e_2019_ks2_mathematics_Paper1_arithmetic

2019 Maths Reasoning 2 STA198217e_2019_ks2_mathematics_Paper2_reasoning

2019 Maths Reasoning 3 STA198218e_2019_ks2_mathematics_Paper3_reasoning

2019 Maths Answers STA198219e_2019_ks2_mathematics_Mark_schemes


2015 Reading 2015_KS2_L3-5_Englishreading_answerbooklet_PDFA

2015 Reading Material 2015_KS2_L3-5_Englishreading_booklet_PDFA

2015 Reading Answers  2015_KS2_L3-5_English_reading_mark_scheme_PDFA


Extra Arithmetic Maths Extra maths revision questions

Extra Arithmetic Maths answers Extra maths question Revision Answers


2018 SPaG STA187970e_2018_ks2_English_GPS_Paper1_questions

2018 SPaG Answers STA187972e_2018_ks2_English_GPS_Mark_schemes (1)

2018 Maths Arithmetic 1 STA187973e_2018_ks2_mathematics_Paper1_arithmetic (1)

2018 Maths Reasoning 2 STA187974e_2018_ks2_mathematics_Paper2_reasoning

2018 Maths Reasoning 3 STA187975e_2018_ks2_mathematics_Paper3_reasoning

2018 Maths Answers STA187976e_2018_ks2_mathematics_Mark_schemes


Kind regards,

Mrs Lawrence, Mr Taylor and Miss Rushen