Friday 24th April Y6 (wk3)

A bird’s eye view

The Browns have engaged an architect to design their hotel and are very excited to be able to start from scratch with their build. They do realise however, that in order to attract bookings, they will need to advertise it and so they have decided to produce a hotel brochure.

Daily English Task: Your task today is to write the introduction to the brochure. This gives you the opportunity to use lots of superlatives (hint –it’s not just any old hotel, it’s the best ever!) You need to include all the positives of the location and the features which the hotel will include. If there are any negatives – don’t mention them here!

Once again, I have include a modelled example to start you thinking.

Brochure introduction modelled example

Remember to include well-constructed sentences, varied punctuation and exciting vocabulary selections.

Daily Maths Task: As mentioned above, the Browns have engaged an architect – you – to start to draw up plans for the hotel. Today, you are required to design the hotel’s ground floor. You will need to include all rooms such as the reception, toilets, cafe, bar, restaurant, storage areas, kitchen etc.

On your plan, you will need to give each room its dimensions (sizes, using metres.) Can you then calculate the perimeter and area of each room? (Refer back to week 2’s learning if you have forgotten how to do this).

Challenge: Can you create some word problems relating to area or perimeter such as:

a./ If carpet costs £24 per square metre, how much will it cost to carpet the ……….?


b./ If skirting boards cost £7.50 per metre, how much will it cost to fit skirting around the ….?

Be creative with your problems, you could think about paint needed to paint walls (in square metres) or even fitting bi-fold doors! (You will need to google how much they are for which size). Have fun!

Bear Gyrlls Challenge: The  internet slang challenge!

When you have not got time to use the grammatically correct English – have you got what it takes to understand text slang?

Internet Slang Challenge

Answers revealed next Monday!

ICT Link to an online activity: Reading an online book.

If you have run out of books to read, or left them at school then you can read some of these online.

Message of the day:

“The memories we make with our family is everything.”

Candace Cameron Bure – Actress