Friday 3rd April Y6 (wk 2)


Daily Maths Task:

In our final shape based maths activity of the week, we are going to be exploring volume. The volume of an object is a measure of the amount of space occupied by that object. You need to multiply 3 dimensions — height X length X width together. The unit of measurement is in cubic centimetres, metres etc. Watch the video below to help your understanding:

6T Maths Booster

Calculating-the-volume-of-cuboids ST booster

6L Maths Booster

Find the Unknown Edge of Cuboids SL booster

Challenge for both groups: Can you measure some cube/ cuboid items around your home such as books or cupboards/ chests of drawers and calculate their volume?

Daily English Task:

Our task today is going to focus on the time of year and the fact that the Easter holidays would be starting today — if we were all still at school!

Can you create an Easter poem (yes, it can be acrostic) to celebrate this spring festival? Think about the symbols of spring that we see happening around us; the traditions of Easter (eggs, hot cross buns etc.) as well as the Christian Easter story. All of these elements can be woven into your poem and illustrations / images would further enhance the presentation of your learning. We will all, always remember this most unusual Easter of 2020!

Bear Gyrlls Challenge: Preserving Food

Please watch this video:

The Challenge:

Bear Grylls preserving food challenge 2020

ICT Link to an online activity: Mission 2110 – a quick mental maths game that helps defeat the robots!

Message of the day:

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Winston Churchill