Wednesday 22nd April Y6 (wk3)

Introducing the Browns

The Brown family are the family who are intending to open and run the hotel in the location of your choice – see previous day’s learning. The family consists of Mr. Brown (dad), Mrs. Brown (mum) and three children ranging in age from teenager(s) to primary school. These are the basic details, more information about these characters will be created by you.

English task: Your job today, is to write a character profile for different members of the Brown family (how many to include is up to you). Some information to include might be:

  • Their name and age
  • Height, physical appearance etc.
  • Likes/ dislikes (this could apply for anything from school subjects to crisp flavours!)
  • Hobbies and interests – favourite singers, YouTubers – the choice is yours

Look at this planning sheet for more ideas.

Creating a Character 

Creating a Character pdf

You can either use the sheet as it is or you may decide that you wish to combine your ideas for each character into a written paragraph. If you choose this option, then remember to structure your writing into correctly punctuated sentences, which make sense!

Daily Maths Task: Today we are going to look at another form of data – averages. Some of you may remember, from the recent assessments, that ‘mean’ was mentioned. If you are not sure what ‘mean’ means – watch this video clip:

Generate some data that you can now use to calculate the mean of e.g. shoe sizes. Include the shoe sizes of your family members and the Brown family.

Challenge: Can you generate different sets of data on subjects of your choice and use them to calculate the mean? For example, you could measure the heights of different people in your household (in cms) to calculate the mean height of your family.

Possible extensions:

We are now going to consider the ‘mode’ of a set of data. If you can’t remember what that means, watch this video clip:

Can you now work out the mode(s) from your sets of data?

Challenge: Can you now generate different sets of data on subjects of your choice (relate them to the Brown family if you can) and use them to calculate the mode(s).

Range means the difference between the highest and lowest values in your set of data.

Challenge: Can you calculate the range of the different sets of data that you have generated?

Bear Gyrlls Challenge: The Table Challenge!

Can you build a table from newspaper that will support the weight of 5 books?

ICT Link to an online activity: GOLF!

Have a round of Golf by using your angle skills (type in the angle from 0-360 degrees) and estimating the distance! It can be tricky!

Message of the day:

“A dysfunctional family is any family with more than one person in it.”

Mary Karr – Poet