Monday 18th May Y6 (wk7)

A very good morning to you all, Year 6! We hope that you had a great weekend and are as delighted as us to see the return of the sunshine. Thank you to everyone who has emailed us examples of their learning and/or Bear Grylls challenges, we do love to see them all.

This week, we are going to go back to playing detectives and identifying murderers!

There are 2 Murder Mystery Maths activities on offer – Murder Mystery Maths 3 or Murder Mystery 11.

Select which one you would like to do and each day, as well as the daily clue to be solved, there will be hints and tips to help you to be a successful Sherlock!

Each day (apart from today), the answers to the previous day’s clues will be revealed so you can check if you got them correct.

We will reveal the different murders in a special blog at the end of the week. I have tried to explain each clue in detail but if you are stuck or confused, please email us on the year 6 address for extra support.

Daily Maths Task: Murder mystery 3 – Jail or Jewels?

This task looks way more confusing than it actually is, so don’t panic!  You need to look at the position of the flag in the left hand (for example in A it is SW according to the compass points) and the position of the flag in the right hand (in A it is South). Then go to the table (clue 1 _ 2) and for SW left and S right, write A.

Repeat for all the letters, fill in the table and it will spell out a message reading from top to bottom. Remember that M means murderer!

This message will allow you to eliminate half of the suspects from your suspects list.

Maths Task: Murder mystery 11 – Death in the library

This task requires you to either calculate missing volumes or to work out missing measurements if the volume is given. Remember that volume (we covered this in home learning week 2) requires you to multiply 3 measurements – length X width X height.

The missing number = the letter that you need to add to the clue table. For example if the missing number is 15, then the letter that needs to go in the table is O.  A message will be spelt out from top to bottom once the table is complete. Remember M means murderer!

Daily English Task: The Great British Spag off – Who killed the chef?

The English task this week is to identify the murderer at ‘The Great British Spag-Off ‘by using your grammar and punctuation skills.  Each day, as well as the daily clue to solve, I will give you an explanation as to what you need to do. Remember, that if you are confused or do not understand a clue then please email us on our year 6 email address.

Your task today is to read through the clue and put in capital letters where they are needed.

Once you have done this, the capital letters will spell out a clue that will allow you to eliminate half of the suspects on your list. Remember that M means Murderer!

Happy detecting Monday everyone!

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: Indoor Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Welcome to the scavenger hunt challenge. You will need to screen shot the pdf attachment or print it off (it might be an idea to get a parents/carer to do this so no peaking beforehand). How quick can you complete the challenge? Send an email and picture to confirm your time. Good luck. Note: please be careful around the house at all times.

Current Leader board:

ICT Link to an online activity: Noun Explorer (Grammar games)

  1. Freddie W = 2 mins 46s
  2. Sally B = 4 mins 8s
  3. Harry D = 4 mins 40s
  4. Dylan C = 4 mins 52s
  5. Mrs Golding = 7m 47s (no doll but just feet?)
  6. Ben J = 8 mins
  7. Miss Rushen = 9 mins 53s
  8. Alex K = 12 mins 5s (no baby doll or building blocks)
  9. Elliot R – 20 mins
  10. Mrs Emson = 24 mins 40s (no blocks or baby doll and paused for a cup of tea)

A game where you need to click on the fish with the noun to feed a worm to the fish. Once you had a go at Noun Explorer, you can also play other games including adjectives, adverbs, etc.

Message of the day:

“ Life doesn’t give us a purpose. We give life purpose.”

The Flash (DC Universe)