Tuesday 19th May Y6 (wk7)

Good morning Year 6. We hope you are all well and managed to solve yesterday’s clues successfully. Thank you to those people who were responsible and resourceful and contacted us if they needed us to explain more. We were very happy at being able to help.

Daily Maths Task: Murder Mystery 3 – Jail or Jewels?

I hope you were successful with identifying yesterday’s clue. The message should have read: ‘I always write right handed,’ which would have led you to eliminate all the left handed people from the suspects list.

Now, on to today’s clue:

Clue 2 – Dates for the diary

Your task today is to use the calendars on the clue sheet ( clue 2 _1) to work out the number answer from the clue (clue 2_2) . The number then corresponds to a letter e.g 1 = A ,  2=B,  3=C,  4=D,  5=E etc. 

Write the number answer in the first box next to the clue (clue 2_2) , the letter it represents in the second box. The clue will then read downwards as before. This clue will allow you to eliminate more of your remaining suspects from the suspect’s list.

Some tips to help you:

  • Easter Monday is a Bank holiday (so shaded blue) and is in April
  • Good Friday comes 3 days before Easter Monday and is also a Bank Holiday
  • August Bank Holiday is a Monday and falls at the end of August
  • Boxing Day is the day after Christmas day.

An example is: 2 days before Good Friday (the first clue). Well, Good Friday (using the calendars and the tip above) is Friday 22nd April so 2 days before = Wednesday 20th April.  20 = letter T

Daily Maths Task: Murder Mystery 11 – Death in the library

I hope you were successful in identifying yesterday’s clue. The answer should have read: ‘ M is not a big fan of thrillers’ which should have led you to eliminate all the people from the list whose favourite genre is thrillers.

Now on to today’s task: Clue 2 – Raising the bar (as in bar graphs!)

Today you need to:

1./ Write the adjusted time for each librarian ( Clue 2_1 -read the story above to see how many seconds you have to add on for each book dropped)

2./ Plot a bar graph on the word grid below the librarian’s time ( clue 2_2 – use it like squared paper) with time up the y axis (think what scale you are going to use) and the librarians going across the x axis in alphabetical order.

3./ The top word in each bar is a clue

4./ Re-arrange the clue words to make a sentence which will allow you to eliminate more of your remaining suspects.

Daily English Task: The Great British Spag off – Who killed the chef?

I hope you were successful in identifying yesterday’s clue. The capital letters should have spelled out ‘M uses a pan made out of cast iron’. This would have allowed you to eliminate all the suspects who do not use cast iron pans.

Now on to today’s task:

Clue 2: Fix it

Tips to help you to be successful today:

1./  Select the correct prefix to replace the hyphen from the table below the sentences ( il, ir, in, im, dis etc.)

2./ Work out what tense the sentence is written in (from the past, present, future or present continuous)

3./ Now use the table under the sentences to read across and down for each sentence to identify the clue word.

4./ The clue words will spell out a message to help you eliminate more of your remaining suspects.

Happy detecting Tuesday everyone!

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: The Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Can you complete (family allowed to assist) a 1000+ piece puzzle.If you do not have one puzzle with that many pieces, then you can combine puzzles (i.e. 500 piece + 200 Piece + 300 piece).

ICT Link to an online activity: Energy flow – (Science) A clever little drag and drop game where you need to use your knowledge of how power is generated to make appliances work. Have fun!


Message of the day:

“ If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

Bruce Lee – film and martial arts legend