Wednesday 13th May Y6 (wk6)

Good morning Year 6 , we hope you are well. In a move, quite unlike me, I have a sporting fact for you today: On the 13th May in 1950, the first ever race of the Formula 1 World Driver’s Championship was run at Silverstone, England and was won by Giuseppe Farina of Italy in an Alfa Romeo.

How appropriate that we are in Italy today then, as we continue to help Mario in his quest to hire employees for his pizzeria!

Interviews and training day 2 :

Yesterday, Mario managed to eliminate some of his applicants through the number and spag activities. Today, he decides that training is needed for till staff who might need to divide bills for groups of people, so that each person pays an equal share.

Daily Maths Task: Today, we are going to work on division.  We will start with division of decimal numbers (money) by a single digit and then, for those people feeling confident, by 2 digits.

There are different methods you can use but for most people ‘bus stop’ is the preferred method when dividing by one number. See the example below to help you to remember how to do this:

Mario has some tasks set for the candidates and would like you to try them first:

1./    £5.04 ÷ 8 =                                     2./  £5.22 ÷ 6 =                    3./  £202.50 ÷ 9 =

4./    £ 117.60 ÷ 8 =                               5./  £96.25 ÷ 7 =                     6./  £83.00 ÷ 5 =

7./    £ 94.80 ÷  6 =                                 8./  £114.75 ÷ 9 =                  9./  £82.60 ÷ 7 =

Let’s see if you were correct:

Challenge 1: Can you make up some similar examples of your won. Remember to round money to 2 decimal places (2 digits after the decimal point).

Challenge 2:

If you are feeling confident, Mario would like you to now try dividing by 2 digits. Unfortunately, because he needs to be able to divide the bills exactly and not just give remainders, the ‘chunking method’ will not work in this instance (sorry chunking fans!) Please watch these videos to learn how to divide by 2 digits using a similar method to ‘bus stop.’

As money is a decimal number, remember to position the decimal point in the answer directly above where it is in calculation.

If you don’t understand this method the first time, re-watch the videos and look at what is happening to the digits.

Some of you may already know and prefer your own method, which you can always use of course.

1./  £127.50 ÷ 15 =            2./    £126. 75 ÷ 13 =              3./  £ 135.60 ÷12 =

4./   £200.00 ÷ 16 =            5./  £74.80 ÷ 11 =                   6./  £ 134.40 ÷ 14 =

Let’s see if you were correct:

Challenge 3:  Can you make up some more division questions of your own to solve?

Daily English Task:

Mario wishes to ensure that when the waiting staff in the restaurant are asked about the pizzas, they are able to describe them in the most glowing terms possible, to make them sound utterly delicious to the potential customers.

An example might be:

Customer: Waiter, what is a Hawaiian pizza like?

Waiter: Mario’s Hawaiian pizza is not just any old ham and pineapple pizza Sir. It is lean, tender ham on a bubbling, cheese-topped pizza base, glazed with tomato and finished off with a generous portion of succulent, juicy pieces of pineapple.

Your task today is to describe the following pizzas in similar glowing terms to appeal to the customers. Make them sound completely irresistible (and full of adjectives and superlatives, not just cheese and tomato!).

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: Design your own Avatar Challenge:

Can you draw/create an avatar that represents you?

ICT Link to an online activity: Science – play this game to see if you can place unique rainforest flora and fauna in their correct forest layers!

Message of the day:

“You get treated in life the way you teach people to treat you.”

Wayne Dyer – Author