Wednesday 6th May Y6 (wk5)

Good morning Year 6 and welcome to Wednesday! did you know that on this day in history, (on 6th May 1840) the world’s first sticky postage stamp, the ‘Penny Black’ was used for the first time to send a letter in Great Britain? That is a whole lot of letter-posting years ago and obviously the idea caught on world-wide. Do any of you collect stamps we wonder?

We hope that you and your families are all keeping well and that you are ready for today’s learning tasks.


Daily English Task: Cartoon Strip

Now that Mario has sorted his entertainment and recipes he starts to think about how pizza came to be such a traditional food of his beloved Italy.

He decides to employ a local historian – you- to research the history of pizza so that he can have a display in his restaurant to inform his customers.

Your task today is to conduct some research and present your findings in a cartoon strip format (hand drawn or produced with ICT). Mario thinks that the combination of text and pictures will look very attractive on the wall and will appeal to his customers.

These websites will start you off with your research but there are plenty of others that you can find through Google which will also help.

We have also included an example of how a cartoon strip could look, in case you need inspiration.

Daily Maths Task: Percentages

Wednesday can be a bit of a slack day in the restaurant trade, so Mario has an idea – he will offer 10% discount to customers over the age of 65 and 15% discount to groups of 6 or more.

Remember that to find 10% of a number, you need to divide it by 10.  To find 5% of a number you need to find 10% and halve it. To find 15% add the 10% and 5%.)

For this task you will need to go back to the pizza menu guide, which was given as an example on Monday.

Can you please calculate the costs for the following customers and remember to include the discounts – it is Wednesday after all!

Group 1:  2 customers (68 and 70) ordering 1 x small Vegetarian and one large stuffed crust Hawaiian.

Group 2: A group 0f 7 (all under 45) ordering 2 x medium Seafood; 1 x small Meat Feast and 1 x large Tandoori Special.

Group 3: 3 customers. One aged 72ordering a medium Pepperoni Delight; one aged 40 ordering a medium Farmhouse with extra sweetcorn; one aged 66 ordering a medium stuffed crust Lamb and Coriander. 

Group 4 (this one is more challenging): A group of 10 ordering: 3 x small Barbecue Specials;  2 x medium Chicken Specials; 1 x small Cheese Feast with extra garlic and black olives; 3 x medium stuffed crust Veg Delights and 1 x large Supreme Special with extra spicy chicken. Check here to see if you calculated correctly.

Can you now calculate the prices for some groups of your own using either the menu that you created on Monday or the one above?

Challenge: If you are confident calculating 10% and 15%, why don’t you introduce other % discounts such as 30% or 45% for different groups, such as people with ‘Wowcher’ vouchers or student discount? It’s entirely up to you, you can then use your discounts to prices up meals for different groups of people. Mario will not mind – all business is good business he says!

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: 1 Minute Challenge

You must try and predict when 1 minute is up. Start a timer (or get someone else to do this) without you seeing. When you think a minute is up shout stop (or look if you are on your own). Can anyone predict exactly when a minute of real time is up? How close did you get?

ICT Link to an online activity: Fish Force – use your ICT skills (mixed with Science knowledge) to complete this challenge. Watch out is gets more difficult the further you go. Including, force, prediction, measuring and having fun!

Message of the day:

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

Og Mandino – Author


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    Dear Sally,
    Wow! That is very close. Well done.
    I hope you have fun in the sun!
    Mr T

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