Year 6 Creative Homework – Family Fortunes

Due to the restrictions on sending paper in and out of school we have decided on the following:

  1. Creative homework tasks will be blogged half-termly.
  2. The children will take their creative homework books home. These books are to be kept at home until they are allowed back into school for feedback.
  3. Children complete the required numbers of tasks (each half term) and are responsible for sticking them in their book.
  4. If your child is struggling with any tasks, they can talk to us in school.
  5. Once we are able to, we will collect the books in and provide feedback in the usual way.

Creative Homework Tasks:

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Lawrence, Miss Rushen and Mr Taylor

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  1. Izzy Miller says:

    I am just starting my home work for an hour like you said Mr T

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