Y6 SPELLINGS FOR THIS WEEK (Week beginning: 2nd November to 13th November)

Spelling Rules: We will introduce them on a Monday and then after two weeks of learning the rules and practising we will re-assess their progress on the final Friday.

Please can you continue to help your child to practise and learn their spellings at home (they will know which list to learn).

Thank you

There are a number of ways they can do this. Please see the download below:


LO: To spell words with the rule i before e except after c (some rule breakers).

Spelling pattern: ‘ie’ or ‘ei’

  1. achieve
  2. believe
  3. deceitful
  4. mischievous
  5. efficient (rule breaker)
  6. retrieve
  7. weird (rule breaker)
  8. neighbour (rule breaker)
  9. hygiene
  10. perceive
  1. friend
  2. receipt
  3. receive
  4. piece
  5. grief
  6. ceiling
  7. deceive
  8. science (rule breaker)