Tuesday 12th January Y6 (wk2)

Good morning Year 6! Thank you to all those people who are sending in examples for us to look at and share – we have been very impressed. We love to see how you have interpreted the activities and ‘talk’ to you, so please continue to do so (hint hint to any one who would like to start sharing this week!) We are missing you all and really hope to see you in the not-too-distant future.

Bear Gyrlls Challenge: The the internet slang challenge – Answers.

Features, furnishing and finishing details!

Now that your hotel is completed structurally, it is time to think about the interior design.

Daily Maths Task: Budgeting

You have been granted a loan of £250,000 by a very generous bank manager with which to furbish your hotel. You need to select which items, from the attached sheet, you wish to purchase and draw up a budget sheet to show how much you are intending to spend and how much (if any) money that you have left over. We have included an example to show you the expected format of the budget sheet. It needs to be clearly set out and in neat columns.

Challenge: You can include other furnishings for your hotel, which are not on the list provided, if you so wish. Remember to allocate each item an individual price and add them to your budget sheet.

Special offer: If you buy 3 or more of any one item then you get a 10% discount! Remember to include any discount in your budget sheet.

Daily English Task: Formal letter

As the furnishing of the hotel is progressing, you realise that more money may be needed than you originally thought. Today’s task is to write a formal letter to the very generous bank manager to ask for an additional loan of £50,000. We have included an example of what a formal letter needs to include.

Remember that you will need to tell the bank manager why you need the money and how you intend to pay it back. Promote your hotel to him (you could even offer some freebies to him) so that he will not be able to resist!

Your letter can be word processed or hand written.

Challenge: How many features from the ‘green-writers use’ or ‘blue-writers use’ sheets can you include in your letter? Remember to maintain your formal tone throughout.

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: Airplane Landing Challenge

Make a paper airplane and throw it. The Bear Grylls catch. You have to land them in a bucket/bin or target zone.

ICT Link to an online activity: Spooky Spellings

Choose year 5&6 or 3&4 depending on the words you want to have a go at.


Remember that if you would like further tasks to complete, please go to the Oak Academy website at www.thenational.academy (which is provided by the DfE).

Message of the day:

“ Live life to the fullest and focus on
the positive.”

Matt Cameron – Musician

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