Tuesday 19th January Y6 (wk3)

Happy Birthday Mrs Lawrence!

Good morning Year 6! We hope that you are all keeping well and are ready for our new mini-project called – Mario’s Super Pizzeria! We have also added a ‘weekly art inspiration‘ challenge and a ‘daily link to an online lesson from Oak Academy‘ for those of you that want to hone your skills.

Yes, Mario has become tired of spending his life racing and now wishes to indulge his second love – food – pizza in particular!

He would like to open his own Pizzeria in his home town of Verona, in Italy, but needs your help over the next 2 weeks.

Daily English Task: Verona, the location of Mario’s intended pizzeria, is a very famous location for a play by a certain Mr. Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet, a tragic tale of love.

Watch these animated versions of the play to re-fresh your memory (if you have already read the book version) or to introduce yourself to this play.

Can you now write a summary of the plot of the play in no more than 15 sentences? (We did something similar to this for the opening of Macbeth and it turned out to be more challenging than it initially sounds!)

Remember that every sentence needs to move the storyline on and because every sentence is precious (you only have a limited amount), each one needs to include lots of details and information. Remember to punctuate carefully. Here are the names of some of the characters to help you.  Good luck – there is a lot to fit in, the challenge is on!

Romeo Montague         Benvolio         and        Mercutio  (his friends)

Juliet Capulet                 Count Paris (who wishes to marry her)                Tybalt (who challenges Romeo to a fight)          Rosaline (who Romeo loves in the beginning)     Friar Lawrence (no relation!) who marries the couple.

Daily Maths Task: Back to the pizzeria!

Mario is starting to think about what prices he can charge for his pizzas. He wants to make them affordable, so everyone can enjoy them, but they will be a quality product.

He will produce a range of ready-topped pizzas but there will also be the option to make your own by choosing from a toppings selection (each one has an individual price and varies according to the size of the pizza.)

See my example below as to how it may look.

Your task is to create your own pizza price sheet and use it to price up different pizzas.   

Challenge: can you work out the change you would get from:

Remember that the pizzeria is in Italy but Euros work in the same way as pounds ( 1,2,5 10, 20 and 50  Euros) with 1,2,5,20 and 50 cents (just like our pence).

My example (from my example price sheet):

How much would it cost for me to buy:

 1 X small seafood pizza (€7.95)

 1 X medium chicken special with stuffed crust (€10.95 + €1.50   = €12.45)

                                                                      = €20.40

I pay with €50.00 Euros so I receive €29.60 change (€50.00 – €20.40) We look forward to seeing some of your examples.

Art Inspiration: Masterpiece for Mario

As Mario is opening his pizzeria in Italy, he is looking for an artist to hire to create a piece of artwork for his pizzeria ceiling inspired by Italian artists. He has just come back from a visit to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and has fallen in love with the paintings on the ceiling there by Michelangelo (the artist- not the Ninja Turtle).

So, who was Michelangelo?

Michelangelo was a sculptor, painter and architect who was born in Caprese, Italy on March 6, 1475. However, he grew up in Florence and later moved to Rome. Some of his most famous works are his sculpture of David and his paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You may recognise the painting of God and Adam’s hands.

Your challenge: Your challenge is to create a piece of artwork for the pizzeria ceiling. Mario is happy to be surprised by the topic of your artwork but would like it to be realistic like the style of Michelangelo. Now, if that didn’t sound challenging enough, he thought that, for an extra bit of fun, it would be good if you could create this piece whilst upside down as it is of course meant to be on the ceiling (you can choose whether to accept this challenge or not). To do this, you could stick your paper underneath your table.

Some ideas and inspiration for your topic (you may use real-life objects, a photo you have taken or a picture from the internet):

  1. Nature- You might want to take a picture whilst out on a walk for your artwork.
  2. People- You could create a portrait of someone you know, someone famous or even yourself.
  3. Food- This is a pizzeria so you may want to create a piece based on this.
  4. Animals- You could create a piece based on your pets or other animals.
  5. The sky- This is on the ceiling so you may want to create a sky scene (I am thinking of the great hall  in Harry Potter!). This could be a night sky or galaxy etc.

Mario is also happy for the artist to choose which size paper they would like to use as well as the medium (pens, pencils, paints etc.). However, if you do choose to paint upside down- make sure you are careful nothing drops down onto you!

You might even then choose to create a model of the Sistine Chapel which includes your art on the ceiling to present your work to him.

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: The Marble run Challenge

Can you make a marble run that lasts exactly 30 seconds (feel free to change the time or have not time at all). Check the pdf below for inspiration (including what materials to use).

ICT Link to an online activity: Demolition Division – a game to test your mental division speed. Make it harder and easier by changing the range of division (1-12) and speed (slow, normal and fast).


Daily Online Lesson (Oak Academy): Adding and subtracting decimal numbers


Message of the day:

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

Robert H. Schuller