Friday 8th January Y6 (wk1)

Bonjour à tous! Comment allez-vous? Well, we hope!

As you may have already noted from ‘Parent Pay’, we are going to begin to use ‘Google Classroom’ to introduce each day’s learning from next Monday, the 11th January. We are also hoping to use it as a way to give you support and feedback with your learning. We are very excited to be using this learning platform and aim to extend and develop our use of it over the coming weeks.

Today however, we are motoring on with our hotel project and starting to think about the exact location for this exciting development to be constructed.

Location, location, location

The Green family have purchased a piece of land (in the location of your choice) on which to build their hotel complex.

Daily English Task: Your job today, is to produce a piece of descriptive writing about this location. Descriptive writing gives you the opportunity to use:

  • Adverbs (The car drove slowly down the road)
  • Adjectives (The small, blue car drove down the road)
  • Expanded noun phrases (The small, blue car drove down the road)
  • Figurative language such as similes (using like or as to compare), alliteration (The small, speedy car) and the power of 3 (The small, blue, stripy car)

I have created a modelled examples (like always) to help inspire those of you who may need it. Have I included any of the above features?

Descriptive writing modelled example

I have highlighted words which I consider to be exciting vocabulary selections and I have tried to use some geographical vocabulary. Can you include these ingredients in your writing too?

Daily Maths Task: Today, you are going to draw a map of the local area, which you have just described so vividly. You need to include man-made features as well as natural geographical features such as rivers, mountains and waterfalls (if there are any). Once your map is complete, you need to draw a grid over it and number the horizontal ‘x’ axis and the vertical ‘y’ axis. Look at the example below to help you:

Map with grid references example

Map with grid references example pdf

Once you have completed your map and labelled your grid, can you use your map to locate different features and places? This is like using co-ordinates – remember to go along the corridor before you go up the stairs.

Challenge: Can you use your map and grid to locate places using 6 figure grid references? Watch this video to show you how to do this:

(Don’t worry about using the area of Britain code that Steve refers to).

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Gyrlls Challenge: The Jumping Jacks Challenge

Start with 20 of these to get the blood flowing…

ICT Link to an online activity: Magic Squares

There are various levels and you can create your own magic square.

Remember that if you would like further tasks to complete, please go to the Oak Academy website at (which is provided by the DfE).

Message of the day:

“In time of test, family is best.”

Burmese Proverb

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