Friday 15th January Y6 (wk2)

Good morning to you all and happy Friday! Fascinating fact: did you know that on this day (15th January) in 1559, Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabeth Tudor) was crowned in Westminster Abbey. We hope you and your families are all keeping well and that you are ready to tackle today’s learning tasks.

Daily Maths Task: Today, we are going to focus on flight timetables. We have seen examples of these before (in past SATs questions) but today we are going to make our own and generate questions about them.

Look at this example to give you an idea as to how your timetable might look:

Remember that all times, on timetables, need to be in 24 hour clock. If you think that you might need a little reminder about that, watch the following videos to help you.

You can make your timetable as simple or as detailed as you wish.

Once you have created it, can you use it to generate (and answer) at least 5 questions about it. E.g.

1./  How long does the flight from……take to get to…..

2./ Which flight is the quickest?

3./  (A more challenging example) How long would the total journey take if I wanted to travel from….to …stopping over in….? (You can put in airports from your timetable in the spaces)

Daily English Task: Today we are going to write the conversations between different groups of people at the airport. This will be a great opportunity to practise writing direct speech (and if you wish to, you can also include some indirect speech – reporting what other people have said).

If you need a little refresher as to the rules of writing and organising direct speech, watch these videos to help you.

(This next one has an incredible song!)

The people who are talking and what they are talking about are entirely up to you but possible suggestions could be:

  • A parent talking to their child, whilst waiting to check in their suitcases
  • An adult talking to the airline rep at the Check-In desk
  • A conversation in the coffee shop inside the terminal building.

As usual, I have included a modelled example to help you and demonstrate the organisation of your writing.

You can write as many conversations as you would like, it will be fine to include some humour – we could all do with a laugh right now. We look forward to reading some of your creations!

Quick Maths Challenge (New questions)

Bear Grylls Challenge: ABC Hunt Challenge

Please get permission from your parent/carer. The challenge is to go around your house with a basket (bag), collecting items that start with each letter of the alphabet (A for apple, B for Barbie, C for Crayola, etc). This is a timed challenge for you to complete the A-Z!

ICT Link to an online activity: Place value Millionaire

Test you knowledge of place value with this game.

Can you join Mr. Taylor on winning a $100 dollars?

Remember that if you would like further tasks to complete, please go to the Oak Academy website at (which is provided by the DfE).

Message of the day:

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you
need tomorrow.”

Dolly Parton – Singer/Songwriter