TT Rockstars

Time to get rockin’ and rollin’ with TT Rockstars Year 6!

Today, we are launching a new game to practise your times table skills Year 6 called TT Rockstars.  Your login and user name are the same as the ones you already use for Accelerated Reader but when you sign on, remember to put Kelvedon St. Mary’s for the school name as there are lots of St Mary’s Primary Schools out there!

Google TT Rockstars, sign in as above and then create your Rock Star name. Mrs Lawrence is Goldy Flowers and Mr Taylor is Monk Rocky McRockface – say no more!

Each week, we will be setting you different times tables to practise. Each times table produces lots of different questions and you play in different rock star settings in order to answer them. When we get back to school we can organise tournaments and festivals but at the moment you can only play ‘multi-player’ when in the ‘Arena’ area when you can play against your class mates. Please play in ‘single-player’ mode when in the garage, studio or gig.

In the meantime, explore the site, practise in the garage, play in the studio, play your ‘gigs’ and perfect your tables. We are not going to do the ‘paper version’ just the online web games. I have heard great things about this game so I really hope that you enjoy it too! If there are any problems logging on then please let us know. Here are some video links for if you, or your parents would like any more information.

An introduction:

10 top tips:

Explains the different game types: