Wednesday 20th January Y6 (wk3)

Good morning Year 6 and happy Wednesday! We hope that lots of you enjoyed creating your own pizza menus yesterday – we suspect it might be featuring at a few meal times this week! It was also good to see so many different marble runs being created. Keep those pictures coming in as a certain Mr. Steven Spielberg (?) will be creating another movie masterpiece later this week!


Daily English Task: Rap or song

Mario’s thoughts are turning towards the opening night for his restaurant. He wants to use Verona’s link with Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet) to his advantage as entertainment for the evening. He has decided to launch a challenge on Facebook for all budding rap/ song stars to create a rap/ song based upon this tragic love story. Your task today is to enter the competition with a song or rap of your own.

The tune / melody can be ‘borrowed’ from an existing song or completely made up. The words do need to fit to the music but you are not going to be required to perform it to us – we just need to see the lyrics. However, if you decide to perform it to your families – that is another matter completely! Here are some examples to show you how other people have tackled this task:

Good luck, we look forward to seeing them.

Daily Maths Task: Making Pizzas

With the opening night entertainment being sorted, Mario realises that he needs to perfect his pizza recipes. Otherwise, people will not be returning or telling their friends about the delicious new pizzeria in town.

He starts to experiment with different quantities of toppings for his different pizzas. For example, his Hawaiian pizza needs:

40g of tomatoes;    40g of cheese;  20g of ham;  20g of pineapple for one pizza

This is a ratio of 4:4:2:2 (I have divided each number by 10)

Ratios can be cancelled down (just like fractions)

So I can cancel the ratio down to: 2:2:1:1  (I divided 4 and 2 by 2).  Note: NOT all ratios can be cancelled down

This tells me that I need twice the amount of tomatoes and cheese than I do of ham and pineapple.

Can you now complete the ratios for the pizza ingredients on the sheet below?

Challenge:  Can you work out how much of each ingredient you will need to make different numbers of pizzas on the sheet?

Extra challenge:  Can you now create some similar examples for your own choices of pizzas? (I made up the grams of ingredients so feel free to do the same!)

Can you write a ratio of ingredients for each pizza and work out the amount of ingredients you will need for different numbers of pizzas – just like I did?

Quick Maths Challenge

Bear Grylls Challenge: Art1 line drawing challenge

You can choose any picture you want to draw. The only rule is once you put the pencil on the paper you may not remove it until you have finished. Once you have completed it, please send them in to and we will blog them. Check this video (below) if you are not sure how to do it.

ICT Link to an online activity: Ratio Blaster – use your knowledge of equivalent fractions for this classic game.

Daily Online Lesson (Oak Academy): An introduction to ratio

Message of the day:

“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.”

Napoléon Bonaparte – French military general